What risk should we take?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by Damon, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. carrie99

    carrie99 Active Member

    Well, i am still a newbie to hyip investment, so i prefer to invest in the minimum deposit in the site that sounds stable. Just like every members had said, invest only those amount of money that you can afford to lose.
  2. red-dragon

    red-dragon Member

    I want to ask you for your opinion about what kind of risk should we take and what risk should we not take?

    in my thinking whatever forex or hyip or any thing there will be arisk big or small for making your goal and aims you must see this risk and if you donot see it your goal will be normal not interesting !!!....
  3. jcptc304

    jcptc304 Active Member

    Investing in almost all online business is like our daily lives. If you want a quick and big money then you have to take the risk. The bigger the earnings, the bigger the risk. On the other hand, the lower the risk, the lower the earnings. It's a matter of choosing where do you want to invest; it's up to you!
  4. marifra

    marifra Member

    With PTC, I risk my time, and I've lost quite a lot time. With Hyip, I risk the money earned previously on PTC or PTP sites, and I've lost money but i've earned money too.
    I don't risk from my bank account. So, of course, if I lost all my investments, I will be sad, but too much, so I take risks on Hyips.
  5. bluesuccess

    bluesuccess Member

    well yes thats the fact that no one knows when a hyip become scam and we loose our invested money over it so invest less as 1$ to 5$ do not invest more than that... or join those programmes only which are listed in GOLDPOLL... best of luck...!!
  6. marifra

    marifra Member

    Some Hyips listed in Goldpoll also turns scam quite fast. I've already lost on some of them. Not a lot as my investments are small. But even when an Hyip is listed in Goldpoll, I check now in several forums and monitor's sites.
  7. Topnotcher

    Topnotcher Active Member

    Well without risk their are no profits , as its a common adage - High risk - higher returns so we need to take risk in life to get good results but taking blind risks is not good , before investing in hyips some search on monitors and forums shoudl be done to safeguard your money
  8. princeheiral

    princeheiral Active Member

    For me,i will choose small amount,but the site is was stand with a long time than try a new hyip with high profit,but we dont know,is that site really pay or not?
  9. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    To be honest,I will not take any risk from now on. I got scemmed on HYIP second time,and I hope that it is my last time.I dont want to spend my nerver when HYIP scam me.
    I will continue to make money online,but I will avoid every single HYIP, because none of them is 100% sure. There are much other ways to make money online...
  10. silvergran

    silvergran Member

    No, HYIPs are not 100% sure -- that's why they're "High Risk". But it's high risk for high return. My first investment was "Tradelite" which I began with $50.00 and increased to $200.00. It was known to be a "sure thing". Going to be a long term program and .... bam! Gone. I learned my lesson. Withdraw until you're in profit, then invest more with their money. Unfortunately Goldpoll and we here at GoldenTalk cannot predict the future. He is a most trusted Monitor but even they can be taken advantage of. He's certainly #1 out of them all.
  11. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    If HYIPs are 100% sure,everyone in the world would just use them to make money,and everyone would be rich. No one would invest in anything elsemyust HYIPs.
    But the fact is that HYIPs are mostly scams,so just small percent of users has profit of HYIPs.
  12. juzfinal

    juzfinal Active Member

    I don't have much knowledge in this field... as HYIP sites don't give any guarantee for our investment. And we have very high chance to lose our money, in any time.
    Seeing the risk is so high, I think we can only invest money can we can afford to lose.Between, it is better that we only invest in those site which giving low-profit, and avoid high profit..
  13. janenassam

    janenassam Member

    Investment is all about taking risk.
    The higher your risk, the more profit you get.But it is adviceable to invest in moderate risk business.
  14. easyhyip

    easyhyip Member

    In my opinion, it is better to invest in those hyip which giving low-profit (0,80% - 1,2% daily), and avoid high profit (22% or 27% in 5 days).

  15. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    I invested in HYIP that was giving me profit of 25% in 2 days,and now I see why have I got scammed :(...
    It is best to invest in long term sites,which are already paying member for long time...
  16. wasi90lk

    wasi90lk Active Member

    25% profit after 2 days, it's a ridiculously high ROI in my opinion. anything over 6% profit after 2 days, can be considered very risky to me.
  17. cocegas

    cocegas Member

    I think the same. Just see that the top3 GP are those hyips with low ROI (1~2% max) are quite old and works only in working days. Maybe they forex for real....
    Sure there is a lot of hyips with low ROI but turn to scam either, thats why age is important!
    The major problem that is hard and tempting to see so many hyips offering higher ROI and ppl posting payment proofs and knowing that tomorrow all of this could stop, so is better invest in a possible wrong time or accept small earings with more confidence?
  18. dexter

    dexter Member

    All HYIP are always having risk factor ...
    The sign of long term and low risk HYIP's are
    1.Variable low sustainable interest rate in order of 0.8-2 max
    2.Interest only on trading days [5 days a week]
    3.Allows compounding rate to be altered any time
    4.Registered company

    Some long term HYIP like nanomoneycorp even offers 75% guarantee for investment..dunno how far its true but it has been in existence since 2+ years i think''

    But never ever be greedy and invest more than you can afford to lose
  19. raphael2202

    raphael2202 Member

    Unfortunatelly, there isn't so many ways to verify if a compagny is registered or not, most of the HYIP claim to be registered, but it's in tax haven such as Bahamas,...where it's pretty difficult to know if the compagny is actually registered or not.
  20. standart

    standart Member

    Its depend on how much money you have. If I just have low fund, maybe I will take the low risk with invest in HYIP with small profit. but if I have high fund, there is no doubt to make trial and error plan.

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