What risk should we take?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by Damon, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Damon

    Damon Member

    Every person has his own limit of risk he take when investing money in some project, no matter if it's stocks, forex, HYIP etc. Someone is high risky, another one isn't.. Usually I don't like to take big risk, and always prefer to get stable money. In other words I'd better earn less but sure money,than risking for more amount with a big chance of loosing everything, esspecially when it comes to HYIPs. On the other hand, I know that successful people are risky people. In connection with this I want to ask you for your opinion about what kind of risk should we take and what risk should we not take?
  2. subject219

    subject219 Member

    I think risk is a good thing..without risk you can't achieve a big goal. But I'll never recommend, taking a big risk in HYIP.. unfortunately the largest chance of scam is laid in this field, so here, the best policy would be "small investment and small earnings" :)
  3. Damon

    Damon Member

    Maybe you right, subject219. But do you always invest your money in HYIPs with low rates or you risk sometimes and put your money in programs that offer 100-200% percents per day for example?
  4. Hulk

    Hulk Member

    In my opinion, those people who think about HYIPs as a gamble take more risk, because they don't afraid of losing the money, they just play. On the other hand, those who consider HYIPs as an income for living are less risky and very cautious.
  5. matchisimo

    matchisimo Member

    Risk what you can live without. Unless gambling is in your blood like a friend i have who can gamble everything without thinking first.
  6. Patric

    Patric Member

    I like to risk sometimes, but only when I know that I will not lose everything, like your friend for example. I risk on small amounts, which can't damage my financial status.
  7. lizaexhertady

    lizaexhertady Member

    i think if i deposit with smaal ammount of money is safer:D
  8. satria

    satria Senior Investor

    Small or big, there is still a risk involved. By investing small amount of money you only minimize your lost and also minimize your profits. Be smart and do DD before investing, invest the money you can afford to lose.
  9. superinvestor

    superinvestor Member

    In my mind all my deposits are lost when I have done them.

    So, no problem to go for full risk. I won several times with centasia. I won one time with safeatom and thats enough to play the game with other HYIPs. :tease:
  10. Kleinkiesling

    Kleinkiesling Member

    The risk we shouldn't have take is the risk that can afford significantly to our finance stability, such as investing more than 50% of our saving on a hyip, or borrow money from another people to participate on a hyip. The risk we should take is the risk that we're ready to face it concerned with our finance condition, risk to invest in a hyip that have exist at least one year, or the risk to invest in a hyip from very reputable source, such as goldpoll.com, maybe?
  11. satria

    satria Senior Investor

    I actually never play in HYIPs using the money from my savings nor borrow from another people, NEVER, i treat HYIPs as my tenth source of income so that i never invest in big amount. I only invest the money i earn for free from the net, you know, some PTCs and forums can give you a stable income for free, that's what i am doing now.
  12. The Risk what we must take is just one : Lose your money

    maybe The next Qeustion is HOW TO DECREASE YOUR RISK AND EARN MONEY
  13. satria

    satria Senior Investor

    Well, the risk we must take is NOT ONLY lose our money, because sometimes after losing some money, some people will start to lose their brain and lose their mind.
    Remember that money is the root of evil.
  14. Rockstar12345

    Rockstar12345 Active Member

    yeah that is what i am doing , just investing the money i get from various gpt sites and i dont really care much about that money , which maybe can help up make better decisions.
  15. jungsen

    jungsen New Member

    yield is always same like the risk. when you want invest to something which can give you high yield, you have to ready to accept the risk.
  16. Rockstar12345

    Rockstar12345 Active Member

    Well high yeild sites are the most riskest cos they run away within a couple of weeks , sometimes even the first investor is in loss , so i generally prefer long term , about 50 days is fine.

    PALSATWA Active Member

    your great..
    sometime i invest more than i can accept if i lost..
    i must learn to u to get another income ^_^
  18. Rockstar12345

    Rockstar12345 Active Member

    well you should learn quickly i guess cos if you invest greater amount then there is high chance that the site will scam , it happened to me earlier that is why i invest only the minimum in all sites.
  19. hoekstraface

    hoekstraface Banned

    For example if you have $ 200 to invest then you can invest about $ 32 in 6 HYIP.
    That will reduce the risk incurred by the HYIP scam
  20. montyex

    montyex Member

    i would just like to say that the risks we take, depends on how much we would like to spend....if u spend a huge portion of ur money, that is a big risk and the verse visa....after all, there are risks involved......just make sure we do not have heart attacks from the risks we take.... :D

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