what is the best method for sucurity?

Discussion in 'Internet Security' started by fantasticman, May 8, 2009.

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  1. fantasticman

    fantasticman New Member

    what is the best method for sucurity?

    i mean. anti virus,anti spam and .... which one or programming softwares
  2. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    First you need one antivirus program. Anti spam is not needed so much. You need some firewall program too. You need some antispam maybe. But you can also get that all in one single program,like kaspersky internet security,or AVG internet security,or Bitdefender Total/Internet security. I advise you to get some sort of PC cleaner,like tuneup utilities.
  3. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Before this thread develops into another antivirus and firewall software discussion, bear in mind that there are already at least two threads discussing antivirus and firewall programs.
  4. b0sn4aC

    b0sn4aC Member

    the best way of security is 100% anti virus and firewalls. Why? Antivirus-es stop attacks on your PC and that make your computer safe and keep your documents secure. Using antivirus ( internet security ) + and firewall is reccomended by microsoft and all other companys. Why? Antivirus blocks attacks and firewall keep it that they can't even come to you!.
    Reccomend antiviruses are:
    1) AVG internet security
    2) Avast
    3) Kaspersky and Norton

    For more informations abaut these antiviruses read my other posts.!
  5. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    I am really interested why do you recommend AVG avast kaspersky and norton? Maybe you did use them before or what?
    Also you made more one mistake there. YOU MUST NOT have kaspersky and norton antivirus in same time,infact you mustnt have 2 antivirus activated in same time on one computer. :jitters:
  6. b0sn4aC

    b0sn4aC Member

    hello m8,
    i didn't tell that someone use 2 antiviruses at same time... and i used all of them . I told that they are almost same: rating 3/5 both so it's same for using Norton or Kaspersky. Norton is expensive and i got it from 1999 to 2008... Kaspersky is same. Both are using much processor memory and slowing up PC , i just wanna tell that they are in the same line. AVG and AVAST are better than it and i forget NOD32 as one of the good too...i didn't tell that use 2 in the same time... read 1 more time and you will get it :) byy
  7. shadowking

    shadowking Member

    Well i think we need a antivirus more than a antispam.
    And nanoextreme i will suggest you to use nod only if you have a very good ram for your computer.
    I was having it and it slowed my pc when i was using 1gb ram.But for 2gb ram it is ok and will be best antivirus but not good internet security.So use as per your need.
  8. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    Kaspersky is 100% much much better then norton :rock: .Kaspersky is almost best antivirus in the world,but he is using lot of memory,so it is the problem.
    But if oyu have strong computer kaspersky is 100% the best antivirus.
    Also it is only antivirus that is competible to new windows 7 x64 OS,which I am downloading to try :)
  9. Discusstome

    Discusstome New Member

    In recent past months I had been suffering form the viruses, spam and slowdown of PC and some unwanted intruders in the network, then on of my friend suggested me a software package that is PC Safety 101 - How to Guard Your Computer Against Virtual Threats; in this You
    don't have to be a computer expert to build a virtual wall of protection around your PC! In this package you will just learn how to eliminate vicious, unwanted programs that slow down your PC, send your private information to computer criminals, and threaten to destroy your machine!

    Hope this information will help you...............
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  10. bobmarly

    bobmarly Banned

    i think the best is you install anti virus with firewall,also good program anti trojan,and you scam daily your pc,this is the good way for me,also make your windows daily mise a jour
  11. halazoun

    halazoun Active Member

    for me my,i trust to avira premuim security suite with firewall,its really nice and good program antivrus,not make me tried cause update is automatique,also i use a2AntiMalware but not free version its good aslo to me,just what i have on my pc,with windows wp Spack3.
  12. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Read my message #3. Thread is now closed.
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