What is the best method for getting more traffic?

Discussion in 'Traffic Exchange & Safelists' started by James Smith, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. James Smith

    James Smith New Member

    Hi Frns,

    Please Suggest me What is the best method for getting more traffic from free listing.

    Actually, My website portal is e-commerce but there is no traffic, so what kind of activity we are done.


  2. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    First of all, you need to write your own description for every item you sell. Google hates duplicate content so if you used copy/paste description from somewhere else...
  3. adil007

    adil007 Active Member

    Well I am an SEO expert, there are many ways through which you can get traffic to your website, the first way is to pay on a website like you can say e.g dollarincome.com they will get your link on website and user's will get paid about very less amount for going on your website. The second is back link's and the third is SEO of your website. All these three ways require investment. Hope this answers your question.
  4. James Smith

    James Smith New Member

    Thanx Adil Such a nice information :rock:
  5. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    You can also use similar sites with the one adil007 mentioned like centworkers, minuteworkers, jobboy. But first, you must have original content and be ready to offer quality products/services to your visitors, in that way, you are selling yourself, encouraging them to revisit and as well invite others to do so.
  6. Floweraura

    Floweraura New Member

    fo more traffice seo submission help us. so do seo work for your website
  7. adil007

    adil007 Active Member

    Really I could not understand what you are saying, I was only able to understand " for more traffic seo submission" Please tell correctly what you mean?
  8. agit_pratoris

    agit_pratoris New Member

    I think you should make promotion to all forums and join pay per click, so your website will got traffic...
  9. adil007

    adil007 Active Member

    Adding to what you have said, you can join cash camel and do exchange clicks like this the number of clicks you do for other peoples website the same number of visitors are leaded to the website you have provided.
  10. Zloi4el

    Zloi4el Member

    social emdia marketing via social emdia websites like Facebook, Twitter is very effective now in terms of attracting traffic to your website.
  11. jackcm

    jackcm Member

    I think you should hire promoter and someone else who can write an nice article about your website if you aren't good at promoting. If you don't want to, I think PPC websites are good places to advertise, especially Google AdSense.

    My experience: traffic exchange is the worst way to promote website since surfers don't much care about advertisement, they only focus on how much credit or cash they earn.
  12. adil007

    adil007 Active Member

    Yes making Facebook page of your website, tweets daily about your website and services and also making a blog about the website will affect traffic causing it to increase. Also the content on each of these places be fresh and must be kept updated.

    I totally agree with @jackcm over here, traffic exchange is worst way to promote website but if we only want to increase traffic it is good, but you see like this you will keep spending money every week so my suggestion is to do SEO of website and back links this stays effective for about 6 months. Not just a week.
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  13. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    Quite correct, social media marketing is a very good way to gain traffic and if you wish to even gain more traffic to your fan page like your facebook page for instance, then there is need for you to throw incentives around. There is this thing that is becoming more popular these days in my country, companies and firms give their facebook fans some incentives like, phone credit and prizes just for being active and you discover that so many people tend to join this moving trend.
  14. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    SEO is the best method to get unique traffic to your site if done properly. All other sources may not work but SEO method will work untile your site is alive there.
  15. Parkeragustin

    Parkeragustin New Member

    Active social media profiles helps to increase your website traffic
  16. verrto

    verrto New Member

    youtube is a great source of quality traffic. make own video with product information & try to rank those video.
  17. Parkeragustin

    Parkeragustin New Member

    To increase, reach people through social media websites is the best way
  18. joshwatson1

    joshwatson1 New Member

    Thanks a lot friends for sharing this useful information it would be very useful for newbies like me.

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  19. barood4money

    barood4money Member

    There are many safe traffic exchange websites which will provide real visitors to your site. This will not only give you visitors from worldwide but also boost your Google ranking. If you need any help then you can pm me.
  20. adil007

    adil007 Active Member

    I kind of need a partner for doing traffic exchange as the traffic exchange sites are mainly not that safe I mean if we put our adfly link I am sure they will get to know that we are making use of traffic exchange to earn from them so that's why I think it's better to create a group and do this.

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