What is perfect optimized page?

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  1. lizatailor23

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    Which Page is called the perfect optimized page? If anyone tell you to optimize a page perfectly then how could you do? Which factors you should remember to make it perfect? Which on-page task you should implement to make your page perfect?
  2. Monikacis

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    Perfectly optimised page generally contains following attributes, according to search engines algorithm :-
    1)Meta tags are properly optimised.
    2)Content should be of good quality and should not be duplicate.
    3)keywords density should be in a definite ratio.
    4)Do not contain only flash image and no content.
    5)Java scripts should not be used in too much quantity.
    6)Images are optimised.
    7)Page loading time should be less.
    8)Attractive and eye-catching layout and good web designing.
  3. andersontrott

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    according to my opinion in search engine optimization on page is very important.
    1.title tag,Mata tags,description tag must be perfect.
    2.content should be quality and don't copy right from the other sites.
    3.website must be attractive and and does not use too much images.etc
  4. spitser

    spitser New Member

    1.Number of Keyword Repetitions - It's impossible to pinpoint the exact, optimal number of times to employ a keyword term/phrase on the page, but this simple rule has served us well for a long time - "2-3X on short pages, 4-6X on longer ones and never more than makes sense in the context of the copy." The added benefit of another instance of a term is so miniscule that it seems unwise to ever be aggressive with this metric.
    2.Keyword Density - A complete myth as an algorithmic component, keyword density nonetheless pervades even very sharp SEO minds. While it's true that more usage of a keyword term/phrase can potentially improve targeting/ranking, there's no doubt that keyword density has never been the formula by which this relevance was measured.
    3.Keyword Usage Variations - Long suspected to influence search engine rankings (though never studied in a depth of detail that's convincing to me), the theory that varied keyword usage throughout a page can help with content optimization and optimization nevertheless is worth a small amount of effort. We recommend employing at least one or two variations of a term and potentially splitting up keyword phrases and using them in body copy as well or instead.
  5. galaxyweblinks

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    off course page must be optimize according search engine rules.
    perfectly optimize page generally will be these attribute according to search engine.
    properly meta tag optimization such meta title,meta description,meta keyword h1 and h2 according to keyword competition.
    content must be unique and relevant from your sit.
    image must be optimize.
    keyword density must be in predefine ratio.
    check the w3 validation for your site to better crawling.
    check the broken link.
    page loading time must be less.
    css and java script code is not use too much in site.
  6. claydcousta

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    Everyone has got a different point of view in relation to onpage optimization. There are different parameters for every search engine, so we always need to consider the optimization that suits all the search engines. The best is to follow the set of rules that are mentioned in google webmasters guidelines.
  7. Ken Peterson

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    For perfect On page optimization we have to use our main keyword in the title tag of the website. For proper on page optimization we have to make the content of website SEO friendly.
  8. zapper

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    In most documents or articles about SEO, all i have heard is the key word density. @Monikacis, those are some really appreciable points!. All of them are general though. "spitser" has mentioned some numbers which are what i`m looking for... like 2-3 words for short articles, etc. I know it`s hard. But i would love to research the statistical relations too!.
  9. sakthi

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    A few factors that I look for in a perfectly optimized page,
    - Good quality content
    - Properly optimized tags
    - Header tags
    - Anchor text
    - No broken links
    - Perfectly optimized images and videos
    - Userfriendly layout
    - Good internal linking structure
  10. sakthi

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  11. sam051

    sam051 New Member

    Page are made renew and making effective are called optimization,and this technique are called perfect optimizing page.
  12. suba

    suba Banned

    A few factors that I look for in a perfectly optimized page,
    1. Good quality content
    2. Properly optimized tags
    3. Header tags
    4. Anchor text
    5. No broken links
    6. Perfectly optimized images and videos
    7. User friendly layout
    8. Good internal linking structure
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  13. lake123

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    Perfect page optimized must be these point
    meta tag optimization with relevant optimization
    image optimization with relevant keyword
    proper website navigation
    website load time must be fast
    ignore the flash,frame,java script etc.
    keyword must be use in url
    content must be unique
  14. giannabosanquet

    giannabosanquet New Member

    On-Page Optimization is the first and the foremost part of SEO

    Complete On-Page Optimization can be carried out considering below points:

    Proper domain name (URL address) related to keyword relevant to every individual web page.
    Proper Image optimization with keyword related image name, alt tag is important.
    Every page should have relevant tile, meta tag, keywords (8-10 keywords within 170 characters) and description (145 characters including spaces).
    Place most important keyword phrase at the beginning of the in title tag within 65 characters. (including spaces)
    Proper use of H1, H2, H3 & other heading tags with trying to place the important keyword within heading tags.
    Make use of bold, italic and underline for targeted keyword within the text content area.
    Proper use of bulleted list to make content easily readable.
    Make clean and clear text based navigation.
    Unique and quality content with maintaining 3-5 % keyword density.
    Avoid use of graphical link image as the text within is not readable by crawler.
    Maintain good internal linking including html footer sitemap useful for visitors.
    Add social profile or social networking buttons along with online or live support buttons.
    Adding google map in contact or address page.
    Don't use hidden text or hidden links
    Don't create multiple page with same content
    Add RSS Feed link if provided domain host blog.

    So considering all the above points if you have done On-page properly it will work strong on overall SEO Score.
  15. Sam1

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    optimization page for what?
  16. hirephpexpert

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    Good contained written
    Indexed page
    No broken links
    User friendly layout
    Use Proper title,keywords and description

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  17. Ken Peterson

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    Good quality content, silo , meta keywords and description and most important things that header tag in content.
  18. Estiva

    Estiva Member

    Content, H1/H2 tags, less keyword density and the meta description. these are enough. I am not so sure about SILO because it should be obvious as we write the content.
  19. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    Yes you have mentioned some of the main features of good optimization of a web page. One thing more I can say here is that you can add embedded pictures in the page to give more keyword relevancy to the page but doing that the page loading fact might have to be adjusted a little. As a full graphic page takes more time to load.
  20. Speed47

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    It's a page that is indexed properly and shows up when typed in search engine.

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