What amount to invest and what time frame period should be ok ?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by VisualBlink, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    Long term HYIPs with "small" rates are mostly non scams,but they are not so atractive becacuse they cant provide you much money in SHORT time. Big number of users (including me) get scammed because they wat much money in short time,and they start investing in short term HYIPs with high rates,and in the end,they loose all money they had.
    But opinion is yours...
  2. silvergran

    silvergran Member

    Yes, it's hard not to be greedy! The long term plans do pay small ROI but invest small, withdraw gradually, when you're in profit you can compound part and this makes it grow quicker. That's what I did with one program. I now have two plans running with them and one will mature in 2 days for over $200.00. Not bad for a $10.00 original deposit.
  3. alensot

    alensot Active Member

    If you are willing to take risk, then invest the whole amount in one reliable HYIp and once you get the good returns from that one, invest half of the total amount in 2-3 programs and slowly you can build your portfolio with minimum risk later on
  4. coolcat123

    coolcat123 Member

    There are a few legit. HYIP's like Onisgroup, verifiled and Geniusfunds which have been paying since a long time.Its better to play safe in HYIP's by investing on these HYIP's.

    As all of these HYIP's are paying so you can invest any amount which fits your budget and the investment plan which suits you.
  5. arietso

    arietso Member

    I start invest about 50$.
    And I become greedy in short term program and compounding.
    But every day I have to think, think, think again when I have to exit from this program
  6. DoublePaid

    DoublePaid Active Member

    I believe that's the hardest part in HYIP. When is the right moment to exit a program. If you have been paid for many times, it will be hard to leave those programs, hard to not reinvest with bigger amount, hard to believe if there is a bad sign against it.
    Just made your target. that's what you should do before start investing. just remember no HYIP last forever. Make profit and leave.
  7. Henryelue

    Henryelue New Member

    Well the thing is the older the hyip the greater the chance of been scammed so please do diversify your investment
  8. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    Diversifying your portfolio to variosu investments would be good. My aim is to get into more managed forex accounts, they give less but you are more likely to get a long term profit.
    I prefer the longer term ones with less profits but my aim is to take out 50% of my profits after a heavy three month investment period. The other 505 I will spread into more investments and diversifying to grow my money.
  9. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    yes, that is correct. But don't join on too many different HYIPs too. It will hit back, because the chance of getting scammed is bigger.
  10. indieover

    indieover Banned

    yes it is hard to say when to stop investing cause it is hard to see when the site will turn into scam. and because we always wish that we get to earn good money that we often hope that we get to earn some good money for a bit more time.
  11. Tybridges07

    Tybridges07 New Member

    I think it is wise to invest much only when there is nothing to lose. (when you have gained much from the hyip)
  12. Diogo

    Diogo Member

    I think you should invest the maximum money you can loose in some long term HYIPs first (preferably with 100% compouding). When your deposits mature, you take 50% of the return and re-invest again in long term, take 25% and invest in short term HYIP (with the hit & run strategy), and take the left 25% and maintains it as a reserve or withdraw it to yourself if you need. After a while having success with the short term ones, you can also invest only the profit generated by them and save the principal.
  13. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    If the website has a cheap design and the english is bad or poor. You know how it could turn up. Also if they don`t have any DDoS protection, that should add to the drawbacks. If there was a DDoS protection from a cheap provider, that also is dangerous. So, depending on the investment of the business owners, one can decide how long to hold funds as it automatically reflects the personality of the owner too...
  14. alensot

    alensot Active Member

    If you have started it early, you can increase your investments to $200-$300 and if you are a beginner here, you better start with lesser amounts like $5-$10 to get adjusted into this first
  15. standart

    standart Member

    Usually the safe HYIP offer realistic profit (under 5%). If you meet HYIP with high profit offer, its not time/period anymore. You should careful and not hurry invest your money.
  16. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    I would recommend investing in HYIPs that pay over a very long duration. Especially those that pay 1-2% daily are very good. If they offer compounding, i would add them as a plus...
  17. aditigupta

    aditigupta Member

    You should not invest high capital as you are not having a good experience here. First you should learn different strategies which can help you earn good returns .
  18. bigshow

    bigshow Member

    I see most of the hyip sites are meant to take investors' fund so it might be a good idea either not to go for HYIP or diversify your investments by looking for any other safe alternatives.
  19. artagnan1978

    artagnan1978 New Member

    It is always recommended to invest only as much as you can afford to lose. Secondly start with lower amounts and only into programs that really pays, check various Hyip monitors and payment proofs. Try to get back your seed money as quickly as possible, afterwards just work with the remaining profit...
  20. Epicram

    Epicram Member

    As a beginner , i am having good strategies to learn from here.

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