What amount to invest and what time frame period should be ok ?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by VisualBlink, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. VisualBlink

    VisualBlink New Member

    Assuming my total budget to spread the funds in multiple programs would be just around $100 to $300, what should be the maximum amount to invest in any programs, and what should be the minimum safe amount to invest.

    What time frame period that I should seek for that amount of investments. Should I be seeking for 7 days period, 11 days period or longers like 21 days and more ?
  2. There are 2 kinds of investment strategies:
    1. Short term investment.
    Search HYIP that offers 120-140% daily. It is still more reliable than HYIPs offer >150% daily. Invest at most $50 for one program..
    2. Long term investment.
    Search HYIP that offers 1-5$ daily. This HYIP sites should live longer. But you must be patient until you get profit. You may invest bigger for this kind of HYIPs.

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    Last but not least.. If you play in HYIP, please be prepared to be scammed.. Spend what you can afford to lose. :)

    Good Luck to you ;)
  3. gisfrancisco

    gisfrancisco Member

    With 300 dollars,put 50 in 6 quality programs and take your profit daily.Don't put anymore money in these programs.They will fail one day.Use your time til break even to research new hyips.Wait until you have accumulated 50 in profit from your older investments before you add a new hyip to your portfolio.Your are gonna get stung sometimes,but this can keep your losers to a minimum.
  4. satria

    satria Senior Investor

    I have my own investing strategies, I call it "Competitive Investment Strategy". These are how it works :

    Step 1.
    Choose 2 or more (i prefer 2) programs that you think will long enough to give you 200% ROI. It will be better if those 2 programs have a similliar investment plan.

    Step 2.
    Split your investment equally on those 2 programs that you've pick. Re-invest (principal + profit) your investment until it reach 200% roi.

    Step 3.
    If one of those program scam you, you've to get out from another program as soon as possible. Why? Because your picks work in a pair. If one program scam (before you reach 200% roi) that mean your pick fail and you need to re-calculate your lose and re-start from step 1 again.
    If everything goes well and you've got 200% from those 2 programs, you've several option:
    a. If you still have 80% or more level confident (LC) at those programs, Re-invest back 100% profit.
    b. If you have 60-80% LC on those programs, Re-invest only 50% from the profit.
    c. If you have lower than 60% LC on those program, Don't Re-invest, get your funds out and enjoy the 100% profit. :D

    Step 4.
    Repeat this strategy from step 1 again.
  5. satria

    satria Senior Investor

    Yes, this strategy not only help you to diversify your fund but it will pratice you only to focus and invest in profitable programs (you've to choose programs that you're sure 80% chance that will survive and give you 200% roi). Usually i only invest around in 4-6 programs (2-3 pairs).
  6. Rockstar12345

    Rockstar12345 Active Member

    Yeah your plan is excellent , only need to increase the number to more than 5 atleast , i am mostly trying the same thing as all the hyips i am in are long term sites.
  7. maxcool

    maxcool Active Member

    Another strategy is to split the risk....
    3 or 4 Short term = hight risk but fast earns (Get principal fast or losse it fast)
    3 or 4 Long term = less risk but less earns (Principal will took longer)

    Always applying with the probability and statistics.
  8. bdsurf

    bdsurf Active Member

    I invest rarely in short time investments, I always prefer long time investment as they are more safe. But there are some sites now which pay 1% or 2% daily for 30 days and after that return the investment. I think investing in those sites are better when they just launched. I think maximum invest should be $100 for new hyips and if possible, minimum invest should be $1.
  9. shadowking

    shadowking Member

    Well we can invest in more than one site where you can get more return than getting scammed by a single site and getting lost all the money from them.
    Also you can try some short investment site as there are usually some good amount return in short time.
    But use your fund sensibally.Specially invest in panamoney.
  10. elge

    elge Member

    As a beginner, I don't have my own investing strategy yet. Satria, I'll learn your strategy more. Do you still use this strategy until now?
    I believe that I have to be patient. I've never spent in big amount (my biggest minimum deposit is $10) and taken high rate.
  11. vbleble

    vbleble Active Member

    I think you should get 3-4 long term sites(50-180) first. These sites are the sources of your income to spport your further investment in hyips. Ususally, invest half to three quarters of investment into them. That can generate around 5 dollars per week. Then for the others invest in some medium term sites(30-50 days), These are the real money generators. All of the sites should be well known and reputable.
  12. jhonnyrapp

    jhonnyrapp Banned

    Well, in my opinion the decision is yours.If you don't trust the hyip completely...give it a test investment and then put more amounts into it.

    Good luck!
  13. rortiz86

    rortiz86 Member

    What amount to invest? depends on how much you can afford to risk, but I myself won't risk thousandths of dollars and I will surely invest in multiple programs. About the time frame, there's no time frame and we can't estimate for how long will they stay, they can scam even tomorrow. So just withdraw your original investments as soon as you can.
  14. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    Invest howmuch do YOU want to invest,it is totally your decision. BUt period depends on few things.
    If it is short there is higher chance that you dont get scammed,but then you will loose some extra money on LR fees,if you withdraw your money daily (example).
    So I think the best HYIPS are those who pay weekly.
  15. ashvini

    ashvini Member

    very nice to read all the members investing and earning strategies, diversification of the funds is more important, hmmmm learn t some thank you guys
  16. forumplace

    forumplace Member

    ya one should always invest in multiple HYIP rather than putting all eggs in one basket. I would go for daily paying program as this reduce my risk of losing the whole sum of capital. However, I am still new to HYIP.
  17. Topnotcher

    Topnotcher Active Member

    rightly said , not too put eggs in same basket , also not to invest a lot in hyips ,since they can turn their backs and scam anytime they feel like making us feel helpless. So one should not be greedy and enter and exit as early as possible by booking profits
  18. zhangyxb12345

    zhangyxb12345 Member

    first you must spend a test mone, if the program run normal, you can add more in it
  19. veejay

    veejay Banned

    the highest amount for me that i have invested is 30$ which is really big for me since i am new to this hyip game but the truth is that i don't have solid strategy
    the one i use is to invest with new hyip and withdraw as fast as i can! and i like the high ones more.
  20. silvergran

    silvergran Member

    I have three that I have over $50 -- one 10 day with little larger ROI & two long term with smaller ROI. Then I have four small amounts and for shorter terms (2-7 days). Diversification is what I do with all and keep some small ones going all the time. Pull out, sometimes reinvest (that's what the guys call "hit & run").

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