What All Newcomers To Computers/Internet Should Know. Part. 2

Discussion in 'HYIP Newbies' started by jambutty, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. montyex

    montyex Member

    very useful and mind opening information...thanks for the post.
  2. muhammad

    muhammad Member

    hello mr jam may i ask something.
    I have informed by my friend to try GT, but I still not yet known correct concerning this. can I ask you something at any times. I wanna ask something, what is the difference between posting with reply and quote.
  3. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Hello muhammad,
    You can ask me or any of the mods whatever you want and we will do our best to answer you.

    If you click on Reply it takes you to the bottom of the page to the Quick Reply window.

    If you click on Quote the window that comes up already has the post that you are replying to in it and all you need to do is add your comment. Like this reply to your post.

    If you just want to reply to the thread click on Post Reply.

    Whether you are new to the HYIP world or have a wealth of experience behind you, a very warm welcome to you from admin, moderators and our happy band of forum members. We are here to help each other.

    You might like to refresh your memory of the forum rules at http://goldentalk.com/t7526.html and you can post your comments about them at http://goldentalk.com/t25587.html

    If you are an out and out newbie to computers and the Internet these could be useful to you.

    If you have some time to spare maybe you would consider having a read of the following threads.
    http://goldentalk.com/t2270.html for info on making a signature.

    You should find them useful.

    Finally a couple of tips on DD.
    Go to http://www.goldpoll.com/ or .net or .org. A short way down on the left hand side you will find a HYIP Search field. Input the name of the site or its URL that you are looking for and click on “Search”. If GoldPoll is monitoring the site you will be taken to it quickly.

    Back in the forum do a search for the programme. Once again just its name should be enough. If there is a thread or threads for that programme you will be shown a list of them.

    Good Luck!

  4. muhammad

    muhammad Member

    thank's a lot. That's very usefull for me. I can grow my ability in here. By the way thanks again. I'll ask you later if i have some question.
  5. earntaka

    earntaka Member

    Thanks a lot. Usually I invest little amount and after reading your post I find that making a bigger invest initially is more risk less. When I will be more experienced in hyip, I will follow your idea.
  6. evabarcelona

    evabarcelona New Member


    i am newbie in this websites
    i search first before i register
    thank for the info :)
  7. campiono

    campiono Member

    Very nice compliment to the part 1 of this thread, you should write a book on that subject it would be great help for newbie on this subject. :beer:
  8. aldejay

    aldejay Member

    To tell you the truth, i'm already working in paid to post forums for two months now and non of the site ever provided such usefull and detailed information not only how to start earning online but also in hyip.

    I extremely appreciate it and thank you for it. I will spend more time here since i think i will learn more things from this site. Once again, thanks!:)
  9. djsuge

    djsuge Member

    Welcome, here u can share your experience in any hyip or investment program n learn from others
  10. sungatmanwat

    sungatmanwat Banned

    it is realy gold information
    thans thanks jam
    i am also new but after reading this post i am feeling that i gain lot about internet
    thanks indeed
  11. betitveno

    betitveno Banned

    tips are nice and but are all of newbies understand what you have mentioned
    it is to hard to absorb what you have mention
    but if we understand each tip we will gain lot in future from these tips
  12. llopezr1

    llopezr1 New Member

    thanks for the input, are serving me a lot even though they lost and greetings
  13. kertawali

    kertawali Member

    NEVER COMPOUND or at least not until AFTER you have got your stake back. All the time you are compounding, your earnings are in your site account and as such have no real cash value until you can transfer them to your E-Gold account. Some people opt for 50% compounding and 50% withdraw if the site allows such a strategy and that’s OK I guess but only until AFTER you have got your stake back.

    i always do this recipe :)
    count how much time you can make BEP - break even poin, then you can do what ever you wanna do like compound 50-50, cashout all your invesment (if the plan allow it ). it's make my life more easier.:)
  14. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    Even if the site does not allow 50% compounding, it can be manipulated and by withdrawing one day and not withdrawing the other day, thus withdrawing only every alternate day, you can get a 50% compounding or a look alike of it.

    Besides, if you can simply come to a conclusion about the anticipated lifetime of a HYIP, then you can decide to do what ever you want until that date or month...
  15. farid

    farid Member

    E-Gold account? in 2009 alot hyip site stop using it other option c-gold, i know this post in 2006 just wanna keep member updated! any way thank jambutty
  16. msrah

    msrah New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a great thread for someone like me (just taken the plunge into online investment) as it gives me some things to look out for and some great tips for helping me choose a program.

  17. wahyuronaldo

    wahyuronaldo Member

    your topic is helpful , i will use it , thanks alot
  18. et28lv

    et28lv Member

    Thank you, I highly appreciate your work and It is very good and helpful. I like this place and I would read this tips too. I want to feel here like part of Golden talk. Does there would be third part too? Thank you, Have a nice day! :rock:
  19. hexeduser

    hexeduser Member

    I'm a very careful person when it comes to investing online. I have never invested at all and so far I'm proud to say that I have not been scammed. Taking time to actually read things helped me to avoid scams. Again this thread of Mr. Jambutty had been very helpful to me. I thought I was already an experienced online earner but when I opened my eyes to other PTP I realized how noob I am. Anyway I'm learning a lot from this section and I'm thankful about it
  20. joni10

    joni10 Member

    so many must be understand if makeing investment on hyip, now I rather know a little from this article but needed experiences next to safe my investment

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