What All Newcomers To Computers/Internet Should Know. Part. 1

Discussion in 'HYIP Newbies' started by jambutty, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. oemata2

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    I am a teacher. Every day I teach my students about computer and now Internet. As a teacher, this information helpful for all readers. In this forum we can share our experience about how do we operate a computer and its advantage and or disadvantages.
  2. elux

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    Bookmarked. Am new, just a day old really love this information. Thenx... This site is part of the new things that happen to this month...
  3. muddasar70

    muddasar70 Member

    Now that was a very useful information for newbies to start their online little Earnings.
    Well, i agree with you about using good strength passwords.For me, I have used Not only Upper and lower case letters but also Numbers and Even Special characters.I hope no one else could crack it...
    Thanks for sharing
  4. dierdre

    dierdre Banned

    Also, the most surefire way of having a secure password is to use a word that only you know and understand, like you invent a new word. I have invented words for the sake of using them as my passwords.
  5. silva1026

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    Its good to refresh,all the newbies should feel welcome and take their time to read the information a second time more keenly.Its so painful to have some of the experiences first hand
  6. dierdre

    dierdre Banned

    Yes, the information given here is beneficial even to old timers using the pc, in case they forget the basics.
  7. paulfernendes01

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    Useful Information Thanks Buddy for the Kind Help....
  8. anosocialnet

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    yes i also learnt many good information from his post, this is just a greater help on to Newbie and Expert Hyip Investors. So we need to Bookmark this page for reference.
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  9. sikanderhamid

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    I agree with your post and the best thing you mentioned is read, read and read.Proper research should be made.Secure email and passwords are also good idea.But to achieve a target, proper study and plan is required.It is useful information here for internet newbies.
  10. chili

    chili New Member

    I'm not a beginner but has a lot of good advice I received here a lot of useful information from which you can learn a lot. thank you very much.
  11. prince

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    im a newbie thanks for register me
  12. karan_1128

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    Thank you for the detailed thread. Helps a lot.

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