What All Newcomers To Computers/Internet Should Know. Part. 1

Discussion in 'HYIP Newbies' started by jambutty, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Unary

    Unary Member

    Oh, too long but useful, thanks a lot!
  2. pmorganthaler

    pmorganthaler New Member

    Wow, great post. This is stuff everyone should know before joining the internet.

    Is it long, yes, but I just read a chapter or two to decide if it is worth continuing on and if it is, I print it out. Then at the end of the day, when I'm in bed planning tomorrows activities, that when I really read and study it very closely, making notes and jotting down ideas. This is the 4th thread of yours that I've printed, so far. LOL

    I'm new to hyips, I'm so new I haven't even invested anywhere yet. That's why I find your posts very interesting. (I've searched this forum for all your threads, WOW! that's a lot of reading I have to do!) You've got some great info.
  3. Rifan

    Rifan Member

    wow thanks you so much for the information, I just want to download AVG anti-virus pro version, but I also have anti-virus pro SmadAV, may secure all the anti virus I have used. before I use the Deep Freez, but it does not fit with me, because the data just stored when not forget to save on drive C directly go away
  4. takieda

    takieda Member

    wow, great post..
    it is long, but very useful to me.
    thaks for your information.
  5. farid

    farid Member

    Best password manager tool for who investing in multiply site

    The best password manager tool right now i use "LastPass is a free online password manager".
    multiply language and all support famous browser (Chrome,Firefox,Opera & IE).
    Good for hyip investor who investing in multiply site.
    I like secure note function help me to manage blacklisted hyip and blacklisted LR account!
  6. sensei

    sensei Member

    thanks for the information, really good.
    it makes me getting to know about the internet, because I had only played just do not understand for what.
    I only use it without knowing how it all behind.
  7. wahyuronaldo

    wahyuronaldo Member

    Indeed before terjub in internet business we have to prepare everything, especially our security and privacy factors, so a strange and unique password are crucial.
  8. et28lv

    et28lv Member

    Many of this information I now, but Thank you for this job! It would be very helpful to other members. I am earning on Internet two years now I need to learn new things, but some things I know. I am new on PTP sites.. :)
  9. billie

    billie Member

    wonderful masterpiece
  10. hexeduser

    hexeduser Member

    Oh a refresher course on internet 101. I must admit that I don't know everything that you have written. I'm glad that I have read it here. One thing though even I know some of the information I can say I'm still not that protected. I'm a hard headed guy :D
  11. hyiplife

    hyiplife New Member

    thanks alot admin as it really helps newbies like me .Great work
  12. yogeshwartyagi

    yogeshwartyagi Active Member

    Not only newbies but even most of the people here can get benefit from this information, one need to just follow the points laid down by jambutty and you are safe from most of the scams.
  13. talktotop

    talktotop Member

    @jamb: thanks for the useful information. Keep up the good work man
  14. tracyjames

    tracyjames New Member

    nice :) worth reading , moving for the 2nd part of What All Newcomers To Computers/Internet Should Know. Part.2 :)

    thanks !

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  15. inzeyn000

    inzeyn000 Member

    Wow! This thread really makes sense. It is indeed very informative! I never knew this information before, not until I read this. I never knew that there are lots of things to remember to make my laptop secure. Thanks to this. Now, there's a lesser chance that i would be a victim of the modus operandi online.
  16. neobux8071217

    neobux8071217 New Member

    Very useful for me. Thank you
  17. monyitomon

    monyitomon Active Member

    That is very informative! thanks for that.
  18. waheedpcc

    waheedpcc Active Member

    your information is too much good thanks for sharing it wit us.
    here is my one question which is that please how can save we save our money because one of my friend got fake login page and he logged there and then his money has gone
  19. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    You and your friend should download and install LR’s Liberty Guard.

  20. Witmahart

    Witmahart Member

    l use my personal message to determine if the Lr site is real. Incase its turn out fake, l will log out and change my password on the real Lr site within min.

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