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Discussion in 'HYIP Newbies' started by jambutty, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Whether you are new to the HYIP world or have a wealth of experience behind you, a very warm welcome to you from admin, moderators and our happy band of forum members. Our aim is to help each other.

    Please ensure that you have put your location in your profile? Just the country will do. Knowing where each member is from can help out when some members are reporting a site down whilst other members say that they can get to the same site.

    You might like to refresh your memory of the forum rules at http://goldentalk.com/t7526.html and you can post your comments about them at http://goldentalk.com/t25587.html

    Some FAQ’s to help you out at http://goldentalk.com/t35321.html

    If you are an out and out newbie to computers and the Internet this could be useful to you.
    http://goldentalk.com/t34767.html New Investment Strategy. Even if you are highly experienced you could still find it helpful.

    If you have some time to spare maybe you would consider having a read of the following threads.
    http://goldentalk.com/t13055.html +++ Please Read Before You Post Again!! +++
    http://goldentalk.com/t563.html Be Safe Not Sorry
    http://goldentalk.com/t2510.html Keep Your Passwords Secure
    http://goldentalk.com/t2270.html Making A Signature.
    http://goldentalk.com/t37388.html What To Do If You Have Been Ripped Off.

    You should find them useful.

    Finally a couple of tips on DD.
    Go to http://www.goldpoll.com/ or .net or .org. A short way down on the left hand side you will find a HYIP Search field. Input the name of the site or its URL that you are looking for and click on “Search”. If GoldPoll is monitoring the site you will be taken to it quickly.

    Back in the forum do a search for the programme. Once again just its name should be enough.

    Seeing as many members are ignoring the request to name the title of a thread with just the programme name this makes searching awkward and often doesn’t find the thread. So search for this - *programme name* instead. For example – try searching for scinvesting as the title of a thread. Now try *scinvesting*

    If there is a thread or threads for that programme you will be shown a list of them.

    Good Luck!

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  2. SiddFisher

    SiddFisher Member

    This is the best thread there is for any new member to feel his way around the forum.
    Are you still going to be posting welcome messages in the first post of every new member!!! Hahaha!! I think now you can shorten that welcome post and point the new guys here so they can learn a thing or two about HYIPs and this forum.
    Keep up the good work Jambutty. You're the best mod I've ever seen!!
  3. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    No! No more personal welcoming messages. Instead the new member will get a notice when they log in for the first time guiding them to this thread. Whether they take any notice of it is up to them.
  4. Leyen

    Leyen Member

    HI Newbie here!@

    thanks for welcoming me here!

    i am a newbie!
    and exactly i dont know where to find my first post!

    i got lost.
    it is kinda confusing here, though!

    and i wanted to find my very first post!

    ahahahahha.....well i guess i need to log in always and read all your admin forum to know more!

    coz i really dont know how things work here!!!!

    i really am not much after the money ill get from this forum, though, but mainly on how to post about my payouts from hyip and of course to know more about hyips increasingly!

    glad i found GoldenTalk!

    now i am rest assured i would know more about my hyips and more for those others!

    please tell, do you have a short cut of a poster's threads or posts in the account control panel?

    thanks guys.

    it is i,eye
  5. vik88

    vik88 Member

    Hi! Thanks for the info! It's rather useful not only for new members! Our work worth doing!
  6. ryuzaki

    ryuzaki Member

    Thank your for the ince welcome. I'll try my best to follow the reul. Thanks for the guide and your link which can remind me.
  7. ninj4

    ninj4 New Member

    I start to love GoldenTalk because of its lot of information about HYIP, something that I'd like to explore... :love:
  8. BornE2010

    BornE2010 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome. I've been clicking around this forum and found alot of useful information. I think this is the best monitor site for HYIP.
  9. ryuzaki

    ryuzaki Member

    Yes you can check or look to goldpol to choice a hyip where you are wanna invest your money, and if you are still confuse, you can take a look to the forum, goldentalk. You can find many wise advice or a veteran member which can help you. Try ro visit and take look to every jambutty's sticky, there is a lot of tips there.
    Good luck everyone :)
  10. farid2323

    farid2323 New Member

    Hi friends,, I'm a newbie member, thank's for the information. I like this program.
    Thank's Golden Talk.
  11. ryuzaki

    ryuzaki Member

    Hi farid, welcome to this forum. It's nice to meet an Indonesian member here too.

    There are many thread which talk about many thing such hyip or etc, you can find anything you want to know or learn there. Also, do not forget to read every sticky, you will get important information there.

    goodluck friend :)
  12. harfen

    harfen New Member

    Thanks you very much for your kind Mr. Jambuty, I will be obey the rules at goldentalk.com
  13. ccp040105

    ccp040105 Member

    hi mr Jambuty,
    I like this forum, I just joined this forum a few days ago.
    discussion, replies, views, and if well discussed, it is a contribution to me.
    very useful to extend the horizon for me and other members of the Forum !
  14. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    It nice to be here. I'm a newbies in hyip world and all the tips and strategy here really mold me to become a good hyip investor. I learned that I need to check the site first if its paying or not before I risk a cent in that site.
    At first I leave it to chance. But now I can minimize the risk by checking if the site pays or not.
    Like in christmasinvest. I check and the last person claimed who received payment is on january 8. If only I saw that and pay attention to that I did not invest in christmasinvest. I just invested two days ago. And now I try to withdraw my 80% interest but until now I don't received my money nor they reply to my support ticket that I send them.
  15. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    @ bulastika

    If you whine about christmasinvest in one more post outside the "SCAM" folder, You will be BANNED.
  16. champrocker

    champrocker New Member

    I am Newbie to HYIP world and I hope that I would surely get the Benefit of joining this fantastic forum for learning in the dealing of the difficulties of HYIP .
  17. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    You are welcomed to this forum. You really made the right choice,here is the best site to discuss about hyip and other way of making money online. Always use our great hyip monitor. Goldpoll.com.
  18. LinP58

    LinP58 New Member

    Hi Everyone
    I have been online and earning for about 4 years and just found this forum.
    Glad I found it, looks like a lot of good into.
  19. jeichs

    jeichs Member

    very very newbie here!

    what's up guys? i'm new to the idea(just found on google today!!!) and am VERY excited about this concept. I can't wait to read everybody's advice and maybe make some extra $$$.

    Talk to you guys soon!

  20. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    All are good Jeichs. Just be careful and read the rules first before posting.
    And take all the warnings you get very seriously.
    Nice to have you here happy posting.

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