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Discussion in 'MLM, Cyclers/Doublers Advertisements' started by longfellaz, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    Wealth For All!

    A Sustainable, Long Term Formula Program That Automatically Builds Growth!

    Wealth4All Is "FREE To Join" So You Can See How It All Comes Together.
    Also Daily Conferences, Skype Rooms And A Social Network.
    You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers!

    Join FREE Now!

    What We Offer!

    A Sustainable, Long Term Formula Program That Automatically Builds Growth!

    - Advertising banners for any business or program you own or participate in.

    - Training Packages on marketing, relationship building, business, and more.

    - Live Training webinars from beginner to advanced courses.

    - A sustainable, long term formula program that automatically builds growth.

    - Complete back office system to manage your business.

    - The opportunity to build a solid income.

    - 3 pay cycles a month (based on number of TAPs owned).

    - 50% Fast Start Bonus.

    - 10% Bonus on Direct Referral for Advertising Package (TAP) purchases.

    - A caring community of like-minded entrepreneurs that help each other.

    Join FREE Now!

  2. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    Please join us for the Wealth4All TEAM Conference.

    Tuesday 8 PM EST
    Saturday 2 PM EST
    Saturday 3 PM EST Training webinar


    Don't forget to invite a friend.

  3. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    Everything is working as it should....

    Cycling daily now and have posted in the "I was paid thread"

    This is the "Real Deal" folks!

    Don't miss out!

  4. ahmed2114a1

    ahmed2114a1 Member

    so it can be joined for free
    it is money doubler so how can i earn with out i spend some money
    This will give members unlimited Training, Banner
    give some details to start with minimum risk
  5. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    Hi Ahmed,

    No it's not a doubler and yes it's free to join but you have to spend to earn.

    There's a $10 membership fee that has to be paid first.

    Then you are able to purchase TAP's (Training and Advertising Packages)

    TAP's on the 1st level are $16 and gives you 5 AU's, TAP's on level 2 are $32 and give you 8 AU's, level 3 is $64... et

    There are 12 TAP's on each level... ie: TAP 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc

    There are also 12 levels TAP 1, TAP 2, TAP 3... etc

    Each purchase of a TAP gives you AU's which are Advertising units, These are also what you get paid based upon how many you have.

    TAP 1 purchase gives you 5 AU's which pay you $1 each every 10 days for 6 cycles.

    Half of this amt goes into a repurchase bucket to automatically buy another TAP when the price is met and the other half goes into your ewallet and is available to wd when the min of $20 is reached

    After 6 cycles half of the value of the TAP expires and you are paid 6 more cycles on the remaining value.

    I know it sounds very confusing at first but it's really not.

    They have done the math and it works.

    We have already passed the 1 month mark and founding members(those that were in before the program was revamped) receive a share of the profit the company earns and has left over at the end of every month.

    Take a moment to join, watch the video's explaining the math and how it works and I'll try to answer any questions you may have after that.

    And just to minimize the risk for you.... if you decide to join and pay the membership fee of $10, I will transfer $16 to your acct for you to purchase your first TAP. That way you can watch how it works, earn, and understand completely before you make another spend.

    There is a minimum WD of $20 so you will not be able to wd the $16.

    It will take me a day or two to get to $16 in my withdrawable balance but I will be able to see when you are upgraded and will send it right away.

    Hope this helped to explain it a little.

    And remember....

    Please join us for the Wealth4All TEAM Conference.

    Tuesday 8 PM EST
    Saturday 2 PM EST
    Saturday 3 PM EST Training webinar


    Don't forget to invite a friend.

  6. bawawi

    bawawi New Member


    I will try to
  7. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    I guess Ahmed is going to pass on my offer.....

    It still stands....

    If anyone else wants in please contact me first as I can't do it for all....

    at least not at the moment.....

    :beer: :beer:
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2012
  8. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    I was going to respend all until I reached a very nice amt. every 10 days....

    But stuff happens and I need some cash now.

    My original input to w4a was $240 bucks..

    At this point I am earning $70 every 10 days and that's withdrawable.

    It's also increasing every 10 days as funds are deposited to the cycle bucket to buy more TAP's

    So I'm wd'ing every 10 days from here on til things get better on the financial front.

    I'm telling you guy's this is the "REAL DEAL"

    And I was very happy to recieve this from admin today


    We have great news to share with you. You all should have received in your E-wallets by now the second PSU Bonus payment for the month of February. We are very happy and excited to be able to continually pay this bonus to all of our Founding members. As expected, we grew and have a bigger surplus profit this month which allowed us to pay a bigger bonus. This confirms that our program calculations and compensation plan formula is still working correctly!

    YAY!! It's working as promised

    I'm Excited!!
  9. believeit

    believeit New Member

    how is this forum working for you longfellaz? Getting any members from it yet?
    W4All is the best online business I have ever joined guys and what longfellaz is saying here is 100% tru.

    This is an amazing online business, even better then (dare I say it) JBP as there is No Restarts.

    Need to talk ...well I am on skype and longfellaz is here so fire away with questions..

  10. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    Hi Peter, Thanks for the comments. Not really any takers here yet....

    Don't worry they'll come around.

    Thankful this program doesn't rely on referrals as I'm not the greatest at it.

    I'm also on Skype... longfellaz

    :thumbsup: :beer:
  11. believeit

    believeit New Member

    yes I think I have seen you around in skype at times may have been in one of our room.

    For you people reading this post..us early members who joined w4a while they were still in pre launch all receive psu (a bonus) for sticking with the program during there early days. We get this every month..we just got paid this psu again and I got $245 for being an early bird member.

    How cool is that? You guys should join us in w4a its absolutely awesome.
    Guaranteed payments every 10 days from when you purchase Taps.

  12. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    You've got questions..... We've got answers!!

    Join Free and find out what it's all about!

    Latest email from admin
    We invite all members to attend a special training this Thursday at 8pm EST which will be repeated on Saturday at 2:30 pm EST.

    Training title - LEARN2BUILD4WEALTH4ALL

    Lesson #1 of 9
    over next nine weeks this training will continue on Thursdays at 8pm EST and repeated Saturdays at 2:30 pm

    W4A website and social network site navigation plus PC Basics.
    How to make a document, using NOTEPAD/MSWORD,
    Saving it and locating it, plus sending it in an email.
    Copy and Paste from mouse and keyboard.

    Will be followed by 30 min Q and A session for this lesson only.
    Pat Patterson


    Danny Cianciulli, CEO
  13. Estiva

    Estiva Member

    As per their recent news money earned under 500$ is totally free of verification. for money above that they are going to introduce the account verification. i have not yet reached that criteria. but it seems wealth4all has some potential.
  14. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    Another EXCITING Update from admin...

    Join Vivienne Thursday night at 8PM EST for a Special Announcement Webinar. You will learn details about the soon-to-be released New Wealth4All Mega Marketing system. There are some amazing components that are time sensitive so you do NOT want to miss this webinar. The webinar will be conducted in a different conference room than normal.... to join the conference click on the link http:MeetWithVivienne.com
    Be sure to come early in case we fill to capacity. See you there!

    Danny Cianciulli, CEO

    Join Now and ....

    Let's Make Some Money!
  15. longfellaz

    longfellaz Member

    Well I was gonna post in the "I was paid" thread but seems it has been deleted....

    I'll probably not post very often as there are no problems to speak of and no ones very interested to say the least.

    If anyone has a question or anything post in this thread as I'm subscribed.

    Good Luck All!
  16. newvengrp

    newvengrp Member

    Hi All...i Joined Today! Buy Tap 1.1!
  17. newvengrp

    newvengrp Member

    Wealth4all Withdrawals from EWallet balance:

    Requested 10% cashout (maximum) on Oct 13th from EWallet balance = $20.40
    It takes 24-48HRS for the funds to show in I-Payout
    Wealth4all Withdrawal fee + EWAllet Maintenance fees + 2% STP fee = $5.26 (25%)
    Requested transfer from EWallet to STP = $15.14
    After 4PM USA EST, withdrawal is processed next business day
    Awaiting funds to show in STP

  18. newvengrp

    newvengrp Member

    I am not able to withdraw 100% EWallet Balance.... :angry:

  19. newvengrp

    newvengrp Member

    I listened to recorded conference call on Dec 15th.

    I am glad that wealth4all program returns (with minor chages) in January 2013.

    AU's are to be paid thru Wealth4all website...
  20. Wealth 4 All will return.

    They will become an HYIP. Rates are 1.6% per day with a 50/50 rule.

    That means basically it's .8% per day that you can withdraw.

    Ever notice, why these guys love conference calls? What's up with that?

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