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Discussion in 'Private Programs' started by fly2rich, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    I'm not admin.

    Dear friends,

    My name is Jack and I'm a Premium Shareholder of Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (VGMC). VGMC is registered since February 1999 in Panama and has been a major gold mining company in Africa and South America. Hence, VGMC is planning to go public by offering IPO units after they collected funds of USD5.0 billion. For that, they have launched a pre-IPO stocks called Convertible Preferable Stocks (CPS) on January 2010. Starting price on January 2010 was USD0.80 per units.

    To this date, they are almost USD1.0 billion funds collected with 200,000 shareholders around the world have subscribed to the CPS. With current price of gold hiking to a new high, VGMC is expecting rapid growth in their CPS funds and maybe by 2015, this company will reached their targets of USD5.0 billion of funds. They have opened a new VG Premier Office at Dubai which is located at the famous business tower-the Jumeirah Tower and coming soon in London.

    I would like to propose to you guys an opportunity of becoming VGMC's shareholders. What does VGMC offer?

    First, they offering a monthly dividend. These are paid in ounces of gold, which are freely convertible into monetary value at the spot gold price. Any CPS holders can unsubscribe their shares by giving 45 days notice to the company.

    Second, CPS holders are given capital and an interest free account in which to hold paper gold up to 1 times their share subscription value. Another great opportunity to further increases their medium to long term return.

    And lastly, CPS holders may convert their shares into Common stock when Virgin Gold chooses to go public. If they choose not to do so, CPS holders will be refunded according to their subscription amount.

    VGMC CPS Profile
    Price : USD1.25 per unit (Price will vary depending on Board of Directors decision)
    Minimum initial subscription : 1000 units
    Maximum subscription :999,999 units
    Normal shareholder : 1000 units - 99,999 units of shares subscribed
    Premium Shareholder : 100,000 units and above

    Best Regards,
    Premier Shareholder
    Virgin Gold Mining Corporation
  2. Very ugly site. No SSL.

    And if I ready that right the min deposit is $1250 ($1.25 a unit min 1000 units)
  3. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    VGMC is kind of popular enough in Indonesia. It has office in Dubai. It is not HYIP, but more about the Private Investment.
  4. Syrine22

    Syrine22 Banned

    I think this is not an HYIP it's all about buying shares and since there is no way to know if it's legit or not i think am not in for this.
  5. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    just replica website..
    and I'm in amateur profession in website designing..
    just to highlight to all about official website..

    If you r ready..
    min deposit is USD1,250 until 30/11/2011
    and the unit price increased to USD1,300 starting on 1/12/2011..

    it's right sir..
    VGMC kindly popular in Indonesia especially pekan baru that last 2 days have a news that Vg pekan baru gave 3 new cars (mercedes) for potential shareholder as their promotion.

    if not HYIP..
    i'm sorry about that..

    its about buying shares..

    legally in Panama and UAE coz they have office there.
    another country not legal yet..
    thats why we are High Risk Investment..

    but before you decide..
    better you direct call to HQ VGMC in Panama..
    contact us

    Risk Factors

    There is actually no real risk in subscribing to Virgin Gold Convertible Preferred Stocks (CPS).

    First of all, CPS can be unsubscribed by giving the company prior notice for a full refund. If any shareholder is dissatisfied with how the company is being run, they may take back their capital investment; thus eliminating any further risk. In any case, CPS holders receive guaranteed monthly dividend payments and provided gold remains at around $1,000/oz, are expected to recover their investment within 1 year.

    Secondly, even if the gold price plummets, Virgin Gold will not face any difficulty in fulfilling its dividend payment obligation to CPS holders as the dividend is paid in gold. The only difference is that CPS holders might have to wait longer to recover their initial investment because when the gold price is low, the monetary value equivalent is also lower.

    The only possible risk is of Virgin Gold going bankrupt. However, a company the size of Virgin Gold involved in gold exploration and mining has never been liquidated unless there is massive mismanagement. Our corporate values, governance policy and structure ensure that decisions are evaluated and monitored at almost every level of this corporation. Thus the risk of Virgin Gold ceasing operations can be ruled out. Moreover, Virgin Gold in particular has not been known for taking unnecessary risks. In fact we have proved ourselves to be a rigorous and financially disciplined corporation over the past decade. This corporation has never over-committed itself to projects that might not be profitable or dependent on a high gold price.

    In the worst scenario of liquidation, CPS holders enjoy priority distribution of the company's assets over common share holders. So the risk of investors losing their investment is seriously negligible.

    Nevertheless, it is still advisable for any potential investors to take advice from their qualified local financial and legal advisors before subscribing to Virgin Gold Convertible Preferred Stocks.
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  6. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    VGMC has so many meetings in Indonesia. I think it is pretty popular in here and also in Malaysia. The rank in Alexa is not too bad too.
  7. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    its true...

    tomorrow we have a dinner at jakarta.. 2th Dec until 5th December I will staying at jakarta..
    see you there..
  8. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    I am just wondering, who is the real owner of VGMC?? Because there is a similiar company, called by ECMC. But, the gossip, ECMC is owned by James Phang Wah
  9. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    you can go thru this link

    similar with ecmc??can you tell to me which website tell they are similiar?? VGMC just independent company and not related with other company..and when I see ecmc website..its more like vgmc..and i'm not confident with them..last evening I have meeting with them and their vission so clearly..

    they will be built office in UK and 1 or 2 premier office in asia region..
    why not we meet in Jakarta..maybe you can clear of this..

    I can bring my colleagues which close to vgmc top management so maybe he can explain to you more detail..

    You can drop your phone number and area in my inbox so we can meet up with my colleagues..
  10. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    latest news...

    CPS share units increased to USD1300 / lot effective on 1st DEC 2012.
  11. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    also you can go to this link
  12. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    Great to see the answer of my question here. As I know, VGMC is OK, but the thing, the minimal is high enough. But, the sad thing, I check on famous Malaysian forum,, there is a notice from Malaysian Authorities about investing on VGMC. It means, it can be scam one day too, same like HYIP, or other Online Business
  13. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    No problem sir.
    the minimal is enough!!??
    if you waiting..and waiting..and waiting...
    the minimal will be very very high..

    In my opinion..the minimal is quite ok before going to high.

    Example :
    You have 10 lots CPS = 10,000 units CPS
    effective 1/12/2011 , 1 unit = USD 1.30

    so its mean, 10 lots = USD13,000
    assume before 2015 (going to IPO)
    the unit price become to USD30/unit.

    If CPS don't want going to IPO..
    CPS can sell their share at current value..

    for example:
    10 lots = USD13,000 (on Dec 2011)
    10 lot = USD 300,000 (before IPO 2015)

    So your profit almost 300% in 2/3 years..

    and the 2nd question is...
    Malaysian Authorities..
    good question..
    and Malaysia Authorities will be SCAM this company if Not paid investor dividen (complaint from malaysian investor)

    and for your info why SC Malaysia highlight this company..
    first thing i would like thanks to them because do their job alert from citizen..
    and why thei alert to Malaysian citizen so please be aware??
    simple..because VGMC NOT registered in Malaysia (Malaysian Birokrasi)

    and before I join VGMC, I'm also like you.
    Then my colleagues and top leader come back Premier Office in Dubai (have a short meeting with top management)
    I'm confident with company.
    and my confident go high after I'm come back from Jakarta Dinner at The Ritz Carlton..

    If I see it s SCAM..
    Why their invest their money to built office??
    To make a GRAND dinner??
    Their top management come and one to one talk with private investor..

    so my level confident about this company is 200%...
    I prefer we meet together because I can prove with you our picture and video about VGMC short meeting and GALA dinner.
    Hopefully we can meet together..

    Just drop your call to +62 812 81 15 11 82
  14. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    By the way, to build office and to make Grand Dinner every single month is not a big thing for Investment Company. If we are old enough on Investment Business, I know many Investment Program offer Gala Dinner every month, and even regular dinner every week. For the office, from the First Class office building is also not a big deal.
  15. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    so what do you think about vgmc??
  16. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    Many of my friends (who is active in this kind of business) say, it is very good VGMC can stand long enough.
    But, many reminds me, it can be too late to invest here.
  17. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    good opinion..
    so why you hear them..
    make a decision..
    stand in yourself..
    your life is your decision..

    coz dividen never miss payout..
  18. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    I am still thinking if it is too late. Now you can say the Payment never miss. But, if, when I invest then, the VGMC is having problem, can you give me guarantee?? Of course you will say no. I have to take the risk. It is my money, so, I have to decide on my own decision.
  19. fly2rich

    fly2rich New Member

    thats why its call HYIP..
    high risk..
    and if you are not risk taker..
    forget it..

    statement from CEO VGMC :
    "There is no need to TEST the financial muscle of the company by requesting a series of credit withdrawal. This is not a MONEY GAME @ PONZI SCHEME that appear on the internet everyday.TESTING wasted everyone resources.There have been cases of delay due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances but I can assure everyone that shareholders have always received their credit withdrawal in their bank account. If there is even one shareholder who can come out with evidence that VGMC is NOT paying their dividends, LET ME BE THE FIRST ONE TO PUT MY HEAD ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK"
  20. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    For me, actually VGMC is still a game. Try to check this one:
    Some of the link is in English, but I believe you can read it. Is there any information about where the exact location of its Gold Mine? How many worker do they have? Any data about financial report?
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