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    I am
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    10% Daily for 14 days --AP&LR

    Welcome "U" to "1"Adz Group New online advertising site. It consists of: Manual 7 Pages surfing, Upgrade costs 5 units($5), Daily Maximum Upgrade of 20 units, Maximum of 100 units per members, Minimum $5 cashout, 5% direct Referral Commission, and lots of traffic to your sites. Please check our FAQ and Terms to know more

  2. vbleble

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    Why on it's banner it says myadsclub.com? Anyway, nice looking.
  3. jcptc304

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    Friend this not a section for Autosurf ads. You must not post your personal referral link here. There's a separate thread for Autosurf advertisement if you want.

    Back to the site; I like the script and designs. It's simple and looks professional. Nice they accept Alertpay and it's worth a try for a newly-opened one. :beer:
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    Moved to advertising section.

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