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  1. zef316

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    This is a paid surveys (get paid to) website rewarding its members for completing surveys and trying products.
    Where u found theses attractive offers.
    Frequent Contests
    Amazing Referral Program
    All Countries Welcome
    Instant Gift Cards
    Weekly Space Bonus Drawing
    High Paying Offers
    Award Winning Support

    Payment processor are:
    paypal & payza

    Please review if you like to join. thx
  2. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    Not have any idea about this site. This site looks like a GPT site more than a survey site exclusively. But most of the offers are not international rather they are demographic oriented. That is not very friendly to international members.
  3. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    I haven't also heard of this. These days, survey sites don't seem to impress me much due to the fact that majority of them fill their web pages with some annoying offers and adds which easily turns you off on landing to the page.
  4. disha22

    disha22 New Member

    All posts are great with information i appreciate to all thanks
  5. pkdoo7

    pkdoo7 Member

    this is active and best GPT program and lots of offers and contests added into herein. site is paying honestly and cash out is just 1 $ from pp&pz . you can convert your points into cash and with draw can be done in mean time. so trying it would be worth.
  6. shadowcreeper

    shadowcreeper Member

    not a survey site and you can't call it an gpt site either because they don't have much on their site like most gpt sites do the whois is hidden so is the owner name the site is new there is no vote system no paid to watch or paid vote system you just have to relay on surveys to make money in this site and if you are asian forget about surveys too 2/10 for this site from my side...
  7. surya77

    surya77 Member

    I will try it and give the info after I register on you gived site. I dont know more how the work and hopefully can give the more benefit. tahnks
  8. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    I really wanna know If this site is still operational because I can't access it from my browser, neither did open through Google. It's showing a blank page.
  9. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    The site opens fine for me.
  10. muddasar70

    muddasar70 Member

    Same problem to me, when i clicked the link about then it results in Search.conduit.com
    and it says
    I did it in the google search too but the same problem like Decub is facing. :eek:
  11. Jimmy Espinosa

    Jimmy Espinosa New Member

    All great posts..

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