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Discussion in 'Autosurfers' started by liumay88, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. liumay88

    liumay88 Member

    I am not admin.

    Hello Sailors!

    You have finally found a way to get to the land of wealth, and we are your way to get there!

    My name is Carlos Wink, and I am the captain of this ship. Together with Admiral Donald Smalls, we are going to make you money! We are offering you a serious opportunity to make some serious cash with our new program, Underwater Surf.

    Just when you thought that there was no possible way to get across to the "greener grass", we have come to rescue you and take you there.

    Now that all of our hatches are battened down and our anchors are hoisted, we want to tell you that you can make 144% after 12 days! You get paid 12 payments of 12% each day, for 12 days. YOU CAN REQUEST CASH-OUTS DAILY! All you have to do is join the website, make a deposit & start earning. You can even start with as little as a $5 deposit!!!

    Then everyday you have to visit some webpages that the pirates make us view. If you don't view them for even one day, then the pirates will take away your 12% for that day! So make sure you view those pages! (English Translation: You must surf 50 pages daily to earn your ROI for that day.)

    Also while we are here we would like to let you know that you can earn a 5% commission an all deposits made from your direct referrals. That means that if you tell a friend about Underwater Surf and then they end up depositing $100, you will get $5 Bucks sent directly to your account!

    12% daily for 12 days.

    Payment Processor: LR

    Underwater Surf
  2. liumay88

    liumay88 Member

    The latests statistics for this programme are as shown below:

    Total Members: 137
    Active: 131
    Investors: 47
    Total Invested: $1206
    Active Units: 322
    Total Units: 322
    Total Withdrew: $418.95
    Since: 11th of Jan 2010
    Lifetime: 6 Days

    Do you think this programme would last for at least one or two cycles? I really hope it would as I plan to invest here for at least 1 cycle. Any comments on the programme?
  3. earnfromnet

    earnfromnet Member

    roi is high.it is runing from 9 days and monitors show it paying but it is risky to invest on it due to high profit
  4. vbleble

    vbleble Active Member

    That's characteristic of autosurfs. They often run with 12x12 plan
  5. standart

    standart Member

    if that ROI is normal in autosurf, I think its more advantage than HYIP. but if looking at their statistic claim, have 201 member active and Total Invested: $2591. They got a lot of active member and invested fund just by 10 days. Its normal?
  6. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    The site is running well for over a week, 10 days to be exact. I think 44% profit in 12 days, translates to 3.66% per day which is really tempting for some quick cash try.
  7. liumay88

    liumay88 Member

    This is the latest update from the admin of Underwater Surf:

    Hello Sailors

    Guess what today is Why, it\\\'s WILD WEDNESDAY for Underwater Surf There are so many activities planned for today that I don\\\'t know if I can keep up :p

    Take a look at what we are offering on this day PACKED FULL of excitement:

    1. On all investments higher than $20, we are offering 2,000 credits for FREE. Just email us the batch # and your username and we will take care of the rest

    2. On all investments higher than $100, we are offering 5,000 credits paid to your account plus FIVE PERCENT of your deposit cash-back ASAP Email us your UWS username so we can cross check the deposit, & we\\\'ll add the bonuses right away

    3. A SECRET PAGE hidden somewhere on the site Find the secret page and contact me with the secret code The prize is $10, so get out your treasure hunting equipment and start digging :p

    4. TRIPLE credits for the entire day. This means that you will earn 3 credits for every page you surf instead of the normal one credit. And the max you can surf today is FIVE HUNDRED instead of the usual 100

    5. A SPECIAL $5 bonus for readers of the Money-Views blog Check out www.money-views.com for more info on this one ;

    6. And finally, there will be a special page embedded somewhere in the surf So surf away & hopefully you will be one of the 10 lucky viewers to see it

    That is SIX WONDERFUL AND EXCITING things that are going to happen Amazing, am I right

    Guys, don\\\'t miss out on this one Take advantage of Wild Wednesday ASAP

    Thanks for setting sail with us

    Sincerely, Captain Carlos Wink
  8. Hardlo

    Hardlo Member

    This program has been amazing right from inception and am enjoying my experience with this one and hope others out there would join the ship handled by our able captain. So far so good i have received my payout request till date and am already in profit.
  9. liumay88

    liumay88 Member

    I would like to invest in this programme but will it be too late to invest now? From the statistics shown below, the programme is now approaching the end of its first cycle. Do you think it will survive through its second cycle?

    Total Members: 216
    Active: 208
    Investors: 75
    Total Invested: $2881
    Active Units: 657
    Total Units: 657
    Total Withdrew: $996.9
    Since: 11th of Jan 2010
    Lifetime: 10 Days
  10. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    liumay88, i think the $5 bonus is no longer valid. There is no sign of bonus in the money-views site.
    I think it`s gone underwater ;). But they have a 90% RCB for this one.
  11. liumay88

    liumay88 Member

    Are you a member of this programme? Have you received payments already?
    Are payments processed instantly or within 24 hours? Do you think it is still safe for me to join this programme?
  12. Hardlo

    Hardlo Member

    surviving a second cycle that i don't know about but from the review i haveread from different sites and forums promoting this program it sure to last at least one month due to the advert unit they have purchase from these monitors worth at least a month. besides i dont know if i will recycle yet for am almost completing my plan and will make up my mine later on. for now heres the link to all the payment proof received so far http://goldentalk.com/showthread.html?p=334760#post334760
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2010
  13. malingAyam

    malingAyam Active Member

    Payment process not instantly, I just made a w/d for my 2nd payout here, my 1st payout processed about 10 hours. From their statistics, this site seems grow fast :)
    My hope this one can stay at least 4-5 cycles, again just my hope and let's see what happen next :D
  14. liumay88

    liumay88 Member

    The statistics for this programme today are shown below.

    Total Members: 232
    Active: 224
    Investors: 80
    Total Invested: $2991
    Active Units: 679
    Total Units: 679
    Total Withdrew: $1137.9
    Since: 11th of Jan 2010
    Lifetime: 11 Days
  15. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    You have already reported the statistics in the post directed by the permalink below:

    There is NO BIG difference between the previous stats you reported and the current one, in my humble opinion!.
  16. fantasyboy

    fantasyboy New Member

    So, 1 active member invest over 100$. It's suspicious. Be careful!
  17. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    Well, that is very much possible. And you are talking only about the average investment. Not all people invest so much money. Some might invest just a few $s and some might invest even as much as $500 or $1000. This is absolutely a variable.
  18. Hardlo

    Hardlo Member

    your ability to invest more fund into a program like this depends on alot of factors but the major one is the measure of risk you can afford to take, this differntiate you from other investors whom cant afford this risk. so trend according to your capacity. goodluck
  19. liumay88

    liumay88 Member

    Have you received all your 12 payments from underwatersurf already? Do you think that the programme will survive its second cycle? Have you invested in other 12% for 12 days programmes before? If you have, from your experience, how many cycles do they normally last?
  20. liumay88

    liumay88 Member

    Only 15 Pages Daily On Underwater Surf Now

    This is the latest update from the admin of Underwatersurf:

    Hello Sailors

    Due to popular demand, we have decided to LOWER the pages that you have to surf daily from a massive 50 pages down to a manageable 15 pages.

    At 10 seconds each this will only take you 150 seconds, or a little over 2 minutes to surf and earn your daily ROI

    Remember, if you aren\\\'t invested with UWS already, it\\\'s the time to do so You can earn 12% daily for 12 days :D

    Thanks for setting sail with us

    Sincerely, Captain Carlos Wink
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