Time Out! How Do You Relax?

Discussion in 'Off Topic & Idle Talk' started by Cheryl Trevis, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Cheryl Trevis

    Cheryl Trevis Member

    Okay..enough to money talk. It's just stressing me out.

    Ever imagine yourself in beach sipping a glass of Margarita and enjoying the waves of the ocean? Heaven!

    How do you spend the time to relax? ;):p:D
  2. whinnysleuth

    whinnysleuth New Member

    Wow, i would love that! i also love to go to the beach, the sound of the waves relaxes me. I also like to go nature tripping
  3. Cheryl Trevis

    Cheryl Trevis Member

    Exactly! Every time ADVERTISING DELETED, depressed, or simply wanted to have a short break, I immediately arrange for a vacation. This is simply relieving.
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  4. whinnysleuth

    whinnysleuth New Member

    And I forgot to mention that shopping and eating are my stress reliever too. But after spending my money and gaining some pounds, it makes me feel depressed. LOL.

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