The simplest ways of earning money online that don’t require any specialized skills

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    There are hundreds of easy ways to earn cash money online. You can become a virtual assistant and assist busy professionals by prioritizing their emails, phone calls, and helping them book their flight tickets. You may also register yourself on online survey sites and get paid by filling up survey forms. You may also take up data typing jobs or become a part-time web researcher.
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    Here are few precautions that you should take while looking for online jobs.

    1. The internet is infested with fraudsters; thus, do not pay anything for joining any site or program.

    2. It takes a bit of time to earn money online. You can sign up for an online job but let’s accept the fact that you cannot become wealthy overnight through such jobs. You may come across many online scammers who would lure you with instant money making schemes. Stay away from such scammers.

    3. Before signing up, read the terms and conditions of the site along with its privacy policy, carefully.
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    pls can u show me how to earn money online. cuz av try so many way but not working .or can u shown me any online job I can do that I can earn 10 dollar a day
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    nothing easy on internet right now, the most difficult thing it takes a lot of time. The faster way to earn money online for me is offering skills or services. if not, selling stuff online, but again, it takes a time. you have to build trust and brand, to build trust it takes a time, to build brand require a lot of money.
    Another way is investing. investing take a risk, and need money.
    Or doing online task. but usually not earn so much.
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    Thanks for sharing that info.
  7. Janetta Hawking

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    I have registered to Upwork an online network for freelance jobs, I've been applying as virtual assistant but still no luck :(
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    If you want freelance jobs, you can try Upwork. I've found work there before when they were still oDesk. You can also try Global Test Market if you just want to answer surveys every now and then and earn.
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    Aside from Upwork you can try out Elance (also another enterprise of Upwork). There's also Fiverr and many more out there. Make sure you do your research first as not all sites are legitimate.

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