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Discussion in 'Internet Security' started by Patric, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Just go back to the beginning of this thread and spend some time reading, you'll find many recommendations, among them some of mine as well. No need to repeat myself again..
  2. bestlooser

    bestlooser Active Member

    as one you recommended karspesky internet security 2010, how many people used it and is it easy to use I mean will this not make my PC slow? yes actually I want to know what is popular firewall you know things changes with time, kaspersky internet security 2010 looks new as the name is containing 2010 means this latest one.
  3. rebornishard

    rebornishard Member

    :D :D :D you know the disadvandages from using anti virus and firewall
    and Karspesky give u internet security , in fact i feel more slow if kis 2010 turn on , but i feel more safer to browse :)
  4. bestlooser

    bestlooser Active Member

    yes I am not really interested to use firewall just because it will make system slow but I would like to make it secure so that is why I had to use firewall, yes pc might be slow but it should be secure.
  5. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    It is not firewall part that makes your PC slow, but AV part.
  6. rebornishard

    rebornishard Member

    try to scan your PC maybe some virus there :sick:
    upgrade your PC will make it faster :flying:
    try to unistall some of unused progam, will make it faster too :rock:
    at least windows->run->msconfig->startup
    uncheck unuseful startup progam :thumbsup:
  7. bestlooser

    bestlooser Active Member

    actually one firewall is provided by my internet service provider and may be it is not popular but I think it is firewall software that they installed in PC. It is called ISA Server software. I am not too sure if it is firewall but I think because it is just working as firewall.
  8. rebornishard

    rebornishard Member

    you can use this, free firewall
    i used it long time ago before i using KIS :thumbsup:
  9. farhansaid

    farhansaid Banned

    after a long experience i find that " out post firewall" is the best and trusted

    it has many advantages

    you can easyly use it
  10. Yodi

    Yodi Member

    I've tried PC Firewall. Very GUI friendly. Installs in a pinch. And free too.

    it is under security and firewall categories
  11. Anne Roberts

    Anne Roberts Member

    Here we're taking a gander at firewalls that can be utilized close by your consistent antivirus programming.

    1. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. A free firewall with constant security and additional apparatuses for Wi-Fi associations. ...
    2. Comodo Free Firewall. Powerful yet loud, with simple sandboxing to leave malware speechless. ...
    3. GlassWire. ...
    4. TinyWall. ...
    5. OpenDNS Home.
  12. whinnysleuth

    whinnysleuth New Member

    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and Comodo Free Firewall

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