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Discussion in 'Traffic Exchange & Safelists' started by wbjm168, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. wbjm168

    wbjm168 New Member

    If you stop making backlinks, will cause a decline rankings of keyword in search engine , the PR value of the site will be reduced, this will be in not long time. Of course, the stop reverse link higher the quality and quantity are more, can be more obvious.If the reverse link is irrelevant, will not cause change.
  2. CPT

    CPT New Member

    If you stop making back links, then the keywords ranking might be affected and other competitor sites might getter a better rank than you. You should always your content and keep it fresh, too.
  3. somupriti

    somupriti Member

    It is true that without lots of quality back links you can not ride the search engine horse to the first few pages. The important thing about choosing back links is very crucial. Many back links will not give you that result desired by you. Simply search for the quality ones to get benefited.
  4. jamesjennifer

    jamesjennifer New Member

    yes back link making is very essential for website, because without back link website is worthless.
  5. dev007

    dev007 Member

    I think back links are important to give some thrust to the web page. But it is not that easy to earn quality back links. Back links can be asked from good blogs and web sites with page ranking 2 or higher. You can purchase some back links for your site to give extra credit to the page rank of the site.
  6. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    It's not mainly about making backlinks but quality ones. I'm not also sure that the effect of it on your site will not last if you stop it especially if it has been a very good source of your traffic. Unless in cases where there are more other measures taken to generate more traffic.
  7. dev007

    dev007 Member

    Actually I have not yet tested the effect of back link on my blog, but have read from many alike posts that getting some back links can help you to get good ranking as well traffics too. If you are using it can you tell me whether it is actually working or not. Your post seems you are utilizing this feature. How can we choose good back links???
  8. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    It actually works. If a site that has some good internet ranking has a post which makes a backlink to your post or a post in your own site, there is the tendency that whomever visits the other site, sees a snippet or link to another version of the story(in this case, your own story) would definitely check your site out(depending on how interesting your post is)

    Regarding the TS topic, I think the effect might last for long unless there are measures to create alternative means of getting the lost traffic or that the linking site hasn't any traffic.
  9. dev007

    dev007 Member

    Although I have not tried this feature yet but I have some doubt in mind about trying these features with my blog. Getting a good valuable back link is a grate thing. but it is not so easy to get such a valuable one. I have not seen any highly ranked sites offering free back links for others. There are some advertisements where I have seen that quality back links are being sold out at some reasonable price for site owners. Are they equally effective????
  10. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    I really can't ascertain that since I have not tried one bit if you have a friend who started blogging before you, has got some good traffic and quality content and who is also ready to split the cake, then it isn't a bad idea. It's also an effective way provided you got some quality contents.
  11. tairoylance112

    tairoylance112 New Member

    What exactly do you mean? What do you mean with DECLINE rankings? You won't be blacklisted by not working on your ranking, you will just be NOT in TOP 10, but in TOP 50 for exaple a month later. That's why we should work on our websites daily to keep them in the top!
  12. kasual

    kasual Member

    as far as we keep maintain the content and keep drive many traffic to come, our rank won't be decrease or decline. back links is only a way to drive traffic, it give no impact to the rank if no visitors click our bank links.
  13. nanypurwanti

    nanypurwanti New Member

    It sounds is great.
    Can you explain how backlinks work for improving the traffic??
    I need to make my web traffic increase. :rock:
  14. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    Backlink is simply a situation where another website or blog owner has a link of your site in his own site. Either because you share similar content of a particular post of which in other to emphasize more on it, had to acknowledge yours by putting a link to your own post in his own site. It is a good way to generate traffic especially when the person has a good traffic already.
  15. kasual

    kasual Member

    you can join social bookmarking site and put your site there. automatically, you'll get back links and has chance that others member will visit your sites. if social bookmarking sites popular and has many users, your site will get many of unique traffic.
  16. ahmad_fatoni

    ahmad_fatoni New Member

    Do joining in backlink and bookmarking need fund or free??
  17. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Depends upon the type of service. Some are free some are paid.
  18. randomcash

    randomcash New Member

    The only backlinks working these are social medias and it has to be done slowly.
    You can't get 10k of social media backlinks in a week. SE's will know it's not natural.

    All the other backlinks these days are almost worthless...
  19. dev007

    dev007 Member

    I have recently tried this feature to earn some traffic. But dear it is really too hard to capitalize. I did not see any significant increase in the incoming traffic to my blogger. Only few once within a weak or so. I don't know whether I have done some thing wrong or it is the normal happening with this effort!!
  20. AyeshaPari89

    AyeshaPari89 New Member

    in backlinks quantity does not matter, some backlinks on High PR Websites or blogs on its niche related. it really helps

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