Sick of Paypal and Liberty Reserve?

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    Introducing, a revolutionary new e-currency 100% backed by GOLD.

    We never freeze accounts for any reason, PERIOD.

    eNumbered is the HOT NEW MONEY that Big Brother doen't want you to know about!

    Completely anonymous, flexible, paying high interest rate, transferable, and backed by gold, eNumbered is the money you've been missing.

    eNumbered is better than Paypal ...
    eNumbered is better than a bank ...
    eNumbered pays high interest ...
    eNumbered is fast, flexible anonymous digital cash ...
    eNumbered lets you buy and sell goods online ...

    Account opening takes 30 seconds online. No ID required, no deposit fees, and ultra-low withdrawal fees!


    Join and become part of the new wave of anonymous e-banking ...

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  3. We tried that, but it was very difficult working with the other e-currency companies, especially Liberty Reserve and Paypal. Constant problems, and hassle for the users. So we don't offer that kind of exchange anymore.

    We recommend you withdraw funds from your other e-currency accounts, then fund your eNumbered account with wire transfer or (better yet) gold.
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    Have you tried It's the best paypal alternative .. low fees and accounts NEVER freeze up'

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