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  1. Gintoh

    Gintoh Banned

    Any news about their recent trading performance?

    I just realized they only do payouts via BlueBanking (and it costs $40 just to have it shipped to you!). I'm not a fan of debit cards as their charges are too high for my taste. Is there a chance, do you think, they'd consider making payments by e-gold since they accept e-gold for deposits, after all?

  2. helen90

    helen90 Member

    i just read the FAQ in the sgfh site.
    it states that withdrawls can be paid via blue banking, or to a e-gold account.
    take a look.
  3. Gintoh

    Gintoh Banned

    Thanks, helen. I'll read the FAQ again...
  4. damien_k

    damien_k Member

    There is the possibility to wd by D-Carat too for both UI & SGFH, and you can exchange easily from D-Carat to e-gold by UdachuGold with a 2.5% fee only.
  5. levaz

    levaz New Member

    I thought it was $ 10 for the Blue card and $ 50 for the Gold card. Where did you get $ 40 from? There are advantages to the Gold card such as 1% e-gold purchases, instant loading, telephone support, etc.
  6. Gintoh

    Gintoh Banned

    I must have gotten it from the BB website. At any rate, it seems e-gold withdrawals are allowed after all.

    The reason I don't like debit cards is that I have to incur further currency exchange costs as I live outside of the US.
  7. FedAss

    FedAss New Member

    The more positive thing is if you're already sgf-h member, you can have a chance to join UF(Udachu fund) for this limited period...
  8. Allyco

    Allyco Member

    Where did this information come from?

    I have been trying to log on to sgfh since yesterday but it comes up with everytime. Anyone else having same thing.
  9. cyrano

    cyrano Member

    You receive up to date infos at
  10. Gintoh

    Gintoh Banned

    Yeah, what happened to the site? How do you access your account?
  11. cyrano

    cyrano Member

  12. Allyco

    Allyco Member

    I did visit the site, I did register but no response yet. Now I am wondering if I should have registered using my sgfh user name & password, is that what I should have done Cyrano?
  13. cyrano

    cyrano Member


    Please register with your SGFH username and the email address you are using for SFGH.It will take some time before access will be granted to the forum.
    You can't log in into your account because they are increasing security in all Udachu's websites.
    Sites will be back soon.
    Please do not use the same password for 2 different accounts.Never ever!
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2006
  14. Allyco

    Allyco Member

    Thanks Cyrano.

    Point taken about same password.
  15. Holes

    Holes New Member

    If a site is going to be off-line, why don't they email their members and let them know?
  16. Gintoh

    Gintoh Banned

    Exactly my sentiment, too. Could they have not informed us given that they have our e-mail addresses? That's what a professional site would do.

    What do you mean about posting in the wrong forum, cyrano? I see discussions of SGFH in other forums also, so why not here?
  17. damien_k

    damien_k Member

    I think he meant the Udachu forum....informations about it are available over there
  18. cyrano

    cyrano Member

    You may post your questions wherever you want.If i would like to receive fast and first hand information about SGFH,i would visit their forum first and ask there.
  19. gaby

    gaby Member

    Also know that i did not receive any response about my registration to udachufundforum, yet after a couple of days when i try to login using the data i had entered i was logged. so they registered me without ever letting me know ...

    hope this might help
  20. peterg

    peterg Senior Investor

    This is very unprofessional and only confirms my poor opinion of all things Udachu.

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