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  1. tycoonbob

    tycoonbob New Member

    Don't trade with ahmed_exchanger . He ripped me off yesterday.
    I wanted to trade $20 Solid Trust Pay for Bitcoin. I sent the Solid Trust Pay but he never sent the Bitcoin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. samuel_p80

    samuel_p80 New Member

    Ohh my God...
    Thanks so much for your information guys.
    I've Thanks to God, my process payment from Okpay to Liteforex through pipchanger run excellent for many years.
  3. EDBow

    EDBow New Member

    Bitcoin is known to have delays in processing because the market needs multiple confirmations. Are you sure this is not the case and you were indeed scammed? If so, I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
  4. emi_mahmudah

    emi_mahmudah New Member

    Many scammer right now, we must be aware about this.
    Sir, I've skrill balance but i need to sell/barter with exchanger to Paypal. Do this transaction will make my skrill account will get limited??? My skrill account is from profit trading from Liteforex and its legal.
  5. Coffeee

    Coffeee New Member

    I would play safe if i were you. There are tons of exchangers out there that are reputable and honest. for example or They're proven to be legit and note that they also offer low fees from time to time. That's what I like the most on these two sites. Been a customer since 2013 and never had any problems :)
  6. nishalui

    nishalui New Member

    For bitcoins I only trust Payza exchangers and xmlgold as I've had many successful transactions on these websites. Don't trust newbies without a middle man as they often scam.
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  7. nanypurwanti

    nanypurwanti New Member

    Thanks for your information about this exchangers, I hope this exchanger trusted and not scam exchanger.
    I've some fund in Liteforex.
  8. Anne Roberts

    Anne Roberts Member

    A bluff is addition who builds a accord with you, assuming to be a accepted user of a dating website again uses counterfeit claims to bamboozle you. ... Scammers will generally ask you to accelerate money via a wire alteration account – you will usually be clumsy to balance money beatific this way.

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