Referral traffic and Direct traffic

Discussion in 'Traffic Exchange & Safelists' started by jamesjennifer, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. jamesjennifer

    jamesjennifer New Member

    which is better for keywords ranking referral or direct traffic ??
  2. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Keyword ranking has nothing to do with any kind of traffic.
  3. jamesjennifer

    jamesjennifer New Member

    How ????
  4. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Why would traffic affect keyword ranking? Why would traffic affect how Google sees and ranks your web site? Those are two completely different things.
  5. pkdoo7

    pkdoo7 Member

    Traffic means number of visitors into your site or blog , key word selection is mainly used for better search tags that often users choose for searching the site or contents for info or other purposes. popular tags give better results. suitable key word tags in different parts of web pages also help search engine Indexing file in a proper way so when google or any other search engine crawling happens key word phrases give your page contents right direction and in the most proportion its promote your site rank higher for first search result .but it's no guaranty of traffic actually. site traffic generation is slightly different matter . how ever higher page ranking definitely helps to get visitors unique hits in your site or blog.
  6. jamesjennifer

    jamesjennifer New Member

    thanks, i agree. but how to improve keywords ranking ?
  7. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    By having good and unique content, well laid-out site that pass W3C check and of course good quality backlinks.
  8. dev007

    dev007 Member

    I think there are many parameters which contributes to good keywards ranking. These included many off-site and onsite methods. As far as traffic is concerned, what has been said is true. Traffic shares nothing to keywards ranking. If you are ranked well your traffic will be better but the reverse is not true. To get good traffic you can opt various methods like social publishing, article writing, tagging, bookmarking and many more. Of-course while doing this your Keywards ranking will also get a boost too.
  9. displaysandexhibit

    displaysandexhibit New Member

    Keyword ranking is good for Organic traffic...
  10. muddasar70

    muddasar70 Member

    your keyword ranking could be improve by simply fresh contents.Try frequently updating your contents by posting daily, this will improve your daily ranking.Moreover use keywords several times in your posts body, in headings and end, this way your keywords rank increase and your post get the chance to get in the very first page of search engine.
  11. tairoylance112

    tairoylance112 New Member

    Knowing which pages visitors go to directly gives you an opportunity to design those pages so they accurately and quickly address visitors' needs. For example, if you sell clothing and your new-arrivals page is a popular destination, you want to be sure the content is always fresh, and you want to provide easy access to the full department represented by each new item.
  12. kasual

    kasual Member

    traffic can lead the site has a good rank. however, content is the thing which drive visitors to click our site. if we are always adding content which relevant issue, has chance that our site will stand on the first google page. so, it doesn't rely upon keyword only. update our content necessary.
  13. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    I see direct traffic as that which is natural and there is the tendency for the visitor to remain more than in referral traffic since it is more like a sponsored traffic. You stand a higher chance to be indexed when the visitor spends more time on your site than spending a short time.
  14. munnaali85

    munnaali85 New Member

    Referral traffic, is traffic that is referred to from other website by links or adverts. Direct Traffic is common in websites that are reliable and have been around for a long time, when people trust a source, this being your website, they will want to visit it as often as possible.
  15. wangweo

    wangweo New Member

    Hello friends i thinks that Keyword ranking good for Organic traffic is better ..
  16. stablesoft

    stablesoft New Member

    Direct Traffic is, well as it says.. Direct. One opens up the browser and types in a direct link that sends them to the website they need. Direct Traffic is common in websites that are reliable and have been around for a long time, when people trust a source, this being your website, they will want to visit it as often as possible.
  17. jasonhuff312

    jasonhuff312 New Member

    Look into HQ backlinks such as PBN links and niche relevant backlinks. Try to guest post on blogs that are in the same niche as your own. This will give a boost in the rankings.
  18. josephcaron

    josephcaron New Member

    Hello Friends,

    Referral traffic is the traffic landing on your blog due to social shares, your comments, forum activities, etc.
  19. Epicram

    Epicram Member

    There is difference between them, Referral traffic come from another sources.
  20. anhdungng001

    anhdungng001 New Member

    How do you think about them. Which is more important to SEO your website up to top Google

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