Reasons to use Firefox

Discussion in 'Off Topic & Idle Talk' started by Hannellene, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Hannellene

    Hannellene Member

    What's your reasons to use firefox?
  2. pic143

    pic143 New Member

    I use Firefox because it is very user friendly and it does not hang frequently.
  3. HakunaRilious

    HakunaRilious Member

    But sometimes Firefox user complains due to lagginess because of the add-ons because its a open source thus people will uploader whose are not belong to firefox company.
  4. Estiva

    Estiva Member

    I like firefox for the add-ons, they get my work done quickly. For example add-ons for bookmarking, syncing and password management makes things easy for me. Firefox also has few other features which makes it better over chrome and opera. SO far i like it for the add-ons.
  5. HakunaRilious

    HakunaRilious Member

    But if you realise chrome has the same amount of add-on firefox ,
    Example like the Facebook zoom ,radios , skype and etc.
    It makes it easier with just a button touch and doesn't affect your PC Ram usage.
  6. zikclassiq

    zikclassiq New Member

    Another thing you need to know is that most payment processing will advise you to use their customised security addon on firefox alone.
    Besides, firefox is the most used browser in the world! Check w3schools site for complete stat.
  7. Speed47

    Speed47 Member

    I use it when trying to access the internet for free or less in my area. Due to, i can use some tonnels to increase the speed and bypass my isp on it. The browser is more easy unlike other. One can use it's tools, security and access any site the user wants to.
  8. CosmicJames

    CosmicJames Active Member

    I love Opera for its preview technology. I also love chrome a lot. But Firefox is my favourite! Beside the security of Firefox, it help me a lot in posting on forums as it is able to store information and be able to resent it when you reconnect to the internet in the case of broken internet connection so that you don't lost any post.
  9. kiddoman

    kiddoman Member

    I use it for its powerful apps feature, I do love this point!
  10. taniasharma

    taniasharma New Member

    I use Firefox because
    * It is light weight browser
    * It is fast
    * It allow to use many tools and plugins on browser, which are very helpful to promote a website.
    * It is not crash soon
  11. vik88

    vik88 Member

    As for me I use Firefox, because it's a default browser on my laptop:).
    And as far as I know and judging by my experience this browser is fast, effective and attractable.

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