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Discussion in 'Private Programs' started by Andi21, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    1 - You receive the contract, read it and sign it. After this you scan it and send it back.

    2 - Mr.Sergey opens an account for you manually or you can open on your own. Either way,there will be the same passwords you will have and also the trader. You will be able to log in to watch live how he trades. However, we will allow this only for the first month, because you could be using it as signal feature and we don't think it's fair and normal.

    3 - You receive the signed contract + the login with passport from Mr.Sergey as he will be the part that represents us. Before logging in for the first time you will be asked to sign our papers that we have at, please find them also attached.

    4 - Please see here the capital management license by the Financial and Market Commission from Latvia, scroll down to see Real Trade Group - This gives us the financial power to take money from investors and trade with them. You also have there phone numbers if you feel you want to call to check.

    5 - Please note that is also Real Trade Group but we won't use it for trading, but, as this is the Lithuanian branch where our trader is also director. You can look, however, at company's history -

    6 - After all these previous steps, we will need a passport copy from you + proof of address before depositing. This is to insure you of any bankruptcy chances. The Lithuanian government is subject of fiscal laws and regulations in force of European Union. If, by any happenings, RTG goes bankrupt, the government is obliged to give you back the money that you had in accounts.

    7 - After receiving the documents, if you feel your are not safe that we have them, we can sign a NON-CIRCUMVENTION & NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.

    8 - You will decide whether you will want to set the stop loss on your own or you will leave it to the trader.

    9 - At the end of a month, according to Appendix nr.3 from the legal contract you will have to send us the profit share. You will have the freedom to leave money in to compound for the next month or to withdraw it. Nobody else besides you will have the possibility to withdraw money.

    "The Trader remuneration is ___50_______% of Client's monthly profit taking into account all closed positions. 20% of the Trader's remuneration goes to account 6050, 30% - to 9577. If at the end of the reporting period, the monthly profit is missing, the Traders remuneration for this period is not paid."

    As i said and before, we are a team of three people - Tirsina Radu, which is me, Darius Vitkus, my partner from Lithuania and Sergey Orlovksy, the trader. Thus, the 6050 account belongs to mr.Orlovksy and 9577 account belongs to me and my partner.

    We can arrange also a meeting whenever investor is thinking and if investor want this, we can meet whether in Bucharest or Vilnius.
  2. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    Update about contact details:
    You can contact Tirsina Radu under phone number +40751578566 and under email
    He is speaking English, French and Russian.
  3. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    Answer from trader how he is managing the risk:
    I make trading for 5-10% of the deposit per order max

    In case investor preferes less risking trading, SL's are put for 100-150 pips, TPs are 150-200, sometimes with trailing stops.

    Another variant is to lower the risks even further - in that case SLs are placed to lose only 1-2% of the deposit.

    Generally speaking, taking into account investor's preferences, my preferences depend on the market situation and the deposit itself
  4. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    Please note that also this kind of programs are not fully safe and secured. But investors will see all papers.
  5. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    That is good to remind people with this notice.. Are you one of the Admin, Andi?
  6. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    No I am not one of the Admins. You can see that there are three admins, including the broker. I am only introducing the opportunity to the people and update all.
  7. dagenius

    dagenius Member

    skeptical about private programs
  8. Willyede

    Willyede Active Member

    i am quite impress with the logical steps in this programme and might cxonsider joining. just need time to think about it. :idea:
  9. dagenius

    dagenius Member

    have anyone ever tried any of these and needs advice
  10. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    that is absolutely right.... @ Andy, do you join this?? How Much?? Do you make profit already??
  11. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    I have invested 1.000 $ in 2009 and I have made 300 $ profit in the month I have earned with the forex management program.
  12. dagenius

    dagenius Member

    so since 2009 you have earned only 300usd
  13. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    I have stopped investing because of high amount but if think my earnings have been good

    I will show you a payment proof of me soon.
  14. dagenius

    dagenius Member

    ok......... please post proof
  15. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

  16. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

  17. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    Admin of Speakdollars have lost his whole 1.000 $ by depositing the money to the broker. I would like to inform all here never to invest with this site because the trader have failed.
  18. abraham.a

    abraham.a New Member

    i have some roots in forex trading too , i am not that bulk trader but joined this thing as to overcome my daily expenses . it really is a good way of earning . thank you for the sites .
  19. Andi21

    Andi21 Active Member

    So you have been member of this private forex management program too? Do you had any bad experience that you have lost your deposit or a part of it here too?
  20. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    All such managed forex investments can be taken as a HYIP rather than private programs. I believe that private programs should have flexible investment plans such as real world investments, such as real estates, mutual funds, bonds and stocks.
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