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Discussion in 'HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs' started by jambutty, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. zamalix

    zamalix Member

    thanks for this information and I hope all member and me follow Your instruction
  2. liza

    liza Banned

    I am liza . I am a student of BBA. my university name of National University at Gazipur in Dhaka. Thank you very much for your good informaiton and advised .
  3. ghaffarahmad

    ghaffarahmad Member

    Thanks you so much for this rules. It helps alot in posting threads. I am very grateful to all of you.
  4. Kimikazi

    Kimikazi Member

    Please what is blatant post chasing? A friend of mine who introduced me to this site got banned recently and I don't want to go down that path.
  5. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Blatant post chasing is when a member has been warned previously about “post chasing”, had numerous posts deleted but still carries on regardless.

    It is not possible to clearly define “post chasing” because many factors influence other factors by circumstances.
  6. sharif100

    sharif100 Banned

    i read all things but i do not understand about it
  7. optomusprime

    optomusprime New Member


    Hello bro,
    It's really a nice post, Thanks for share it with us. I must be follow this. Wait for another good post.
    Best of luck
  8. Markhyips

    Markhyips New Member

    ok I understand!
  9. nate

    nate Member

    Hmmmmmn what a breath taking time to read ur instruction...Thanks to all moderator's and admins...this made me understand how to use the forum better because am still a newbei and a novice in the world of HYIP
  10. hadg33

    hadg33 Active Member

    i am a newbie and i just read through your post and i see as a good post,i will makeysure i abide to the rules and regulations
  11. alamzaib

    alamzaib New Member


    Thank you very much, I am a newbie and follow your instructions :)
  12. co4la

    co4la New Member

    I am a newbie and I will follow this instructions. Thanks for this information:)
  13. silva1026

    silva1026 Member

    Thats an old post but still makes alot of sense.Reputation is earned for sure.
  14. rainbowrunner

    rainbowrunner Member

    Jambutty - I just read your post of 1/2/13 and it is very good. Everyone should read it.
  15. Spudda12

    Spudda12 New Member

    Ok, so if a new and good opportunity comes up we have to wait for a regular and well respected member to put it in a thread.
    Alternately, we have to pay for it, is this right?
    I have already attempted to contact Admin, however I have had no reply!
  16. mko77

    mko77 Active Member

    Don't understand what you have to pay for!

    Any member is free to open a thread and introduce any new opportunity for consideration.

    Only .... you've got to abide scrictly by the rules, e.g. no referal links allowed and put it in the right thread.

    :) :love:
  17. jflexi

    jflexi Member

    well, i will try my best to abide by the rules, however this is my first PTP site.
  18. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    i am suspicious on your post since it's similar to this post which posted on the first page
    well ... it's a plagiarism ...
  19. smartprince2

    smartprince2 New Member

    Good post JAM
    thanks for the info given. good luck
  20. owman86

    owman86 New Member

    thanks regards,

    i wanna only see new update the hyip in here. So,i am know paying or not paying for all investment sites.

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