+++ Please Read Before You Post Again!! +++

Discussion in 'HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs' started by jambutty, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. vishnukannan

    vishnukannan Member

    Got your instructions sir . I will always stick on to it. Hope vill now i have not done anything abnormal .
  2. extremecb

    extremecb New Member

    Thanks you for posting this thread!
  3. 10BucksUp

    10BucksUp Member

    That's a nice, informative post! Thank you sir!
  4. et28lv

    et28lv Member

    Very long post from you jambutty. I think this is a great place where are talking very smart and experienced people and we newbies can learn new things. I also enjoy other earning ways. Here I feel very good and I am happy for It. I hope GoldenTalk would live very long time. God Bless, Have a nice day! ;)
  5. instinctis

    instinctis New Member

    Yes i liked it, it points out in a nice way most of the rules
  6. mrfike

    mrfike New Member

    Thank you for making these important points clear and concise. The headline grabbed my attention right away!
  7. ehsanji

    ehsanji Member

    It’s good to see how things are controlled adequately and rules are set in a good conduct.

    Here, if I may, would like to suggest that reaching up to 100 posts minimum payout limit is kind of a difficult thing. You are requested to reduce that limit to 50 posts.
  8. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Sorry but that will never happen.

    But it is not too difficult to make 100 decent posts. Just 5 meaningful posts a day will be 100 after 20 days.

    Be aware though if we suspect that you are ‘post chasing’ we will take action to stop you.
  9. neobux8071217

    neobux8071217 New Member

    Thank you for reminding. worthy of consideration.
  10. Witmahart

    Witmahart Member

    Guess there is no post limitation, because l have free hours to spend here !
  11. Legendkid

    Legendkid Banned

    Me,i haven't see any restriction to posting,since it's unlimited.But one thing for sure is that our post should have quality and then we can be on the good side with GT.
  12. djam

    djam New Member

    thanks for the info's @jambutty and peterg
  13. monyitomon

    monyitomon Active Member

    You wont believe but i read everything and its worth it.
  14. lukemorcom

    lukemorcom Member

    Thanks for clarifying this jambutty. I liked your comment about sitting back and having another mince pie ^.^

    A lot of people here just post their HYIP's in the section, and it is their only post. Terrible -.- .

  15. Abaidoojose

    Abaidoojose Member

    yes some don't read but it because they want to get more income they try to write something down
  16. Oyedey4christ

    Oyedey4christ Member

    I came here because i have broken some posting rules such as off topics. Now that i've acquainted myself with the rules. I promise to abide by them
  17. Victorodiwe

    Victorodiwe Member

    thanks great admin for these useful tips. this will be very useful for the nebies and old members as well.
  18. JaJa888

    JaJa888 Banned

    each user in this forum have own goals and they write what they wants and wherever they wants, I think it's normal
  19. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Forum members are expected to adhere to the forum rules and that does not mean posting what they want wherever they want.

    Persistent breaches of the forum rules will get a member banned.
  20. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    Good way to get yourself BANNED for post chasing at this Forum. :(

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