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    Earn $0.0125 per click
    Earn 110% per referral click

    Earn $0.0025 per click
    Earn 30% per referral click

    Accept Payza, Paypal, STP, Payeer, Perfect money
    The minimum cashout for Standard is 2.50$
    Bronze 3.00$ and other memb 5.00$
    Earn 3$ for each 100 direct Referrals.
    Earn 1.00$ for sign up.
    Instant Payments and Receiving System
    Detailed statistics of your referral clicks
    Upgrade comissions
    Point system


    Signup bonus for all:
    -5 days Uranium Membership
    -1$ to purchase balance. uses legal EvolutionScript license!

    Free registration, thank you:

    PLANETCLIX - Make online money, best PTC site

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    Welcome bonus for all members:

    -5 days Uranium Membership
    -1$ to purchase balance.
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    Payment is manual and will be processed within four working days for Standard members and maximum of 24 hours for the Upgraded members.
    The minimum cashout threshold is $2.50 for standard membership, $3 for Bronze and $5 for rest of the upgraded membership.
    PlanetCLix currently supports Paypal, Payza, PM and SolidTrustPay.
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    This is the best offer :

    Bronze 7.50$----> 4$

    Gold 65$------->35$

    Uranium 90$------60$
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    Admin implemented this system on Dimondclix.
    And Now On PlanetClix.

    ROI - > Pure Profit.
    The Pure Profit that a member can have, it depends of Membership and Total deposits :

    -Upgrade Members:
    Bronze(45%) - Cashout Max - >Total depositĀ“s + 45%
    #Example : total deposit 10$ -> (10 x 0.45) + 10 = 14.50$ MAX

    Silver(50%) - Cashout Max - > Total DepositĀ“s + 50%
    #Example : total deposit 60$ -> (60 x 0.50) + 60 = 90$ MAX

    Standard Members :
    Is Required 2$ investment for the first Cashout.
    This system of ROI, will garantee Cash Flow.
    Everyone will have profit.
    Site will have stability and long Terms.

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