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Discussion in 'Money Exchangers & Debit Cards' started by sayem, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. sayem

    sayem New Member

    i have Paypal VCC verified account.
    Just wish to understand from your expertise is it fine if somebody sends American state and that i send it to a different Paypal account.
    hardly transfers 2-3 times in month not regular.
    so plz facilitate American state concerning this.
    Thanks and have a pleasant day
  2. ahmad_fatoni

    ahmad_fatoni New Member

    Why should we use VCC to verified our PP account??
    It make out transaction more difficult and boring...
  3. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    If I understood you correctly, this would be the answer.
    If your account IS verified and IF you're from a country that CAN receive PayPal funds and CAN keep it on the account without PayPal automatically transfers it to your bank account then YES, you CAN send it to different PayPal account.
  4. surya77

    surya77 Member

    may you can open entropay account befor and add funds to you entropay account then you can create more vcc. this a help for you to use the virtual card for verification you paypal account.
  5. tairoylance112

    tairoylance112 New Member

    surely you can. I used local vcc at my country to setup this
  6. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    Yes Paypal allows VCC to be used as one of the verification he can use it. Though his question is not quite clearly understood.
  7. zuan

    zuan New Member


    Paypal accounts that are created in the USA require a bank or virtual bank account to be fully verified in order to get the verified status.The virtual credit card alone will not verify the account on its own from what we have been hearing from a lot of people. You will need a bank account or a virtual bank account along with the vcc to create a fully verified PayPal account.

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