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Discussion in 'HYIP Newbies' started by jambutty, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. muddasar70

    muddasar70 Member

    Before i joined this site i didn't knew any thing about HYIP but now i have learned a lot and i am going to invest some money, let see what will happen, i hope luck will be on my side.If i will be lucky, i might consider this as a little side business.
    ''Learn from cradle to Grave''
  2. huydntsolution

    huydntsolution New Member

    read it is useful for me a new bie and have very a little experience ......
  3. getpaid0nline

    getpaid0nline New Member

    I have read this thread and it's a great guidelines for new members like me. Actually I'm impressed with this forum as it seem to have more quality and informative discussions. When I searched for information about Profitable Sunrise, I stumbled upon its thread in this forum. I got the answer that I was looking for, satisfied and decided to join GoldenTalk in the end.

    By the way jambutty, FYI the link you gave which intended to show how to create a forum signature is no longer exist :p
  4. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Thanks for the heads up. In fairness I should point out that this thread was started 8 years ago and things change.
  5. hyip_invested

    hyip_invested New Member

    Ha.. it is a great site indeed chocked full of information I only wish I had read prior to getting my feet wet (I mean getting drowned) in my first encounter with this industy.

    I truely and sincerely wished I had found this site before investing in ProSun (profitablesunrise) myself as I might have been dissuaded from joining. But hey if not for that ill-advised join I would not have found this site and for that alone I guess the "loss" can be acceptable given the ROI (pun: return on information). ok so I am not funny either... :eek:

    Thanks for doing all you do on our behalf.
  6. daisypeter

    daisypeter New Member

    no more spam..
    Google has become much smarter..
    the recent penguin update on link scheme is a must read for you
  7. anushajain

    anushajain New Member

    I am newbie here and read all the rules over here... Hope I will be able to give a good contribution and have a good earning from this forum..
  8. Thanks for posting this! It's helpful to get tips about this now so we won't have to suffer about this later.
  9. doughboy23

    doughboy23 New Member

    Interesting concepts, I hope to learn something here...
  10. Anita Serikova

    Anita Serikova New Member

    Hello. Tell me, please, from whom you can find out in which section to create your own theme, so as not to violate the rules? I read, I watched, but the ICO section and crypto-currency were missing.

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