New Members Please Read - Thanks!

Discussion in 'HYIP Newbies' started by jambutty, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. turtle

    turtle New Member

    Hi Mr. Jambutty,
    Please, could you brief me on possible mistakes that might be made buy a newbie
    and how to avoid or minimize them...
  2. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Try reading the Forum Rules at and the FAQ’s at should answer most of any questions you may have.
  3. geraldosfire

    geraldosfire Banned

    Thanks i will respect the forum rules!
  4. egaypogi

    egaypogi New Member

    Good Day! Thanks for the information. I'm really new in here and have really no idea how to start. Are we really going to earn money here? How long and how to start? Please bear with a newbie.
  5. fort3hlulz

    fort3hlulz New Member

    Very nice =) This is very good to know...
  6. NanoMike

    NanoMike Banned

    Thank you! I'm new here! I need to know it!
  7. linna goenardi

    linna goenardi New Member


    :) i'm new,so i want to.try to post, for discussion of allthings
  8. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    Did you read the first post by jambutty in this thread or are you just posting something?
  9. joni10

    joni10 Member

    just follow the forum rule..
    I thing its enough..
  10. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    I don't think you have read the opening post in this thread and followed jambutty's links and advice :(
    Useless post will be deleted, as will nonsense posts and post deemed to be post-chasing.
    Posts should be meaningful, informative/helpful, and on-topic.
  11. OPUS

    OPUS New Member

    Good day. I have recently invested in, and hyips and made withdrawals which are still pending upto now. Could be that I do not know how to withdraw the funds? Could some one help and visit thses sites and advice me?
  12. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator – scam. 250% after 10 minutes. NEVER. – scam. 185% after 30 minutes. NEVER. – scam. 250% after 45 minutes. NEVER.

    If you learn nothing else from this then learn this well:
    “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”

    Those 3 certainly are too good to be true.

    I’m sorry to say but you have lost your money.
  13. fokerss1

    fokerss1 Member

    well good information :D
  14. Youngmeemy

    Youngmeemy New Member

    I am a newbie,just made a post and someone thought it was a scam. Anyway i just read the rules and will try to abide by them.
  15. jacksin76

    jacksin76 New Member

    Hi jambutty I'm from california how are u liking this site so far :rock:
  16. bpalace

    bpalace New Member

    it is not alwayz easy to start a new thing, you might have an information to passby but the way u do it makes it spam
  17. Rotimi

    Rotimi Member

    Starting something new require preparation in terms of learning from those that have doing it, careful reading of rules and regulation and obeying them. I believe doing all these will not make one to be looking like novice in anything.
  18. Adeyeye

    Adeyeye New Member


    I am a new to this forum and site. I am here to learn where to invest and make quality success.
  19. icconium

    icconium Member

    @admin great work u are doing am a newbee
  20. chocckidd

    chocckidd New Member

    @ admin nice work ...i'm a newbie on your site and i've learnt a lot

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