New HYIP Investing Strategy.

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by jambutty, May 18, 2009.

  1. sugarboy

    sugarboy New Member

    "For me the new strategy is to earn via referrals and not via Investments."
    I would like to know about it. Can I get information?
  2. hadg33

    hadg33 Active Member

    That's a good strategy but one thing you should know is that your referrals must have active deposits before you can be able to earn.
  3. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    This is not really an INVESTMENT strategy is it?
  4. misseva

    misseva New Member

    You're right! Beginners learn first. Then made ​​a lot of money. Not even sure not to lose.
  5. emerald

    emerald New Member

    I suppose everybody needs experiences in the investments. Sometimes lose sometimes win. Until will ot find the best deal, i guess
  6. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    In my part I don't even consider it as in investments. Its more of like a gamble for me. Because back of my mind I do know that the chance of making it on regular basis is slim. Before I join hyip site and I make deposit in a hyip site that is sponsoring many ptp forums as I feel its going to last longer.
  7. misseva

    misseva New Member

    It's true! I watch everything online, so choose. Forums, articles, qualifiers. I'm starting HYIP site after severe criticism.
  8. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    @hadg33 your Strategy is the best Strategy ever. At-least you will not be scared if the go Scammed because you have already earned more on a short time. And those sites has lasted too.
  9. AyeshaPari89

    AyeshaPari89 New Member

    thanks for sharing this great investment plan, :)
  10. mcliffi

    mcliffi Member

    I greatly love your advice and i will now invest in the hyip markets since now i can see the good in investing in the forex business,I greatly love your points.I want to make money in forex and be a top guy.
  11. thomson jorge

    thomson jorge New Member

    Thx it's useful information!
  12. Nuel

    Nuel New Member

    very educative!
  13. ahmad_fatoni

    ahmad_fatoni New Member

    I'm very hate broker who scammed their clients. I almost lose about $200 in a broker, its my lucky because i've withdraw it first before they going bankrupt.
  14. bourseindia

    bourseindia New Member

    I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.. Looking for more updates from your side.Good returns in strategy for market
  15. bigshow

    bigshow Member

    I guess almost every HYIP ended up taking investors money so even knowing that they are high risk sites if you want to invest in them then i suggest investing small amounts and withdraw profits regularly from them. I did invested in few HYIP sites but didn't found any luck, i think trading is more rewarding than investing in any hyip or ponzi schemes.
  16. Aarna singh

    Aarna singh Member

    You have explained everything in detail, thank you for the same. This is really very informative.

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