New HYIP Investing Strategy.

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by jambutty, May 18, 2009.

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    I have looked for many tips and trick about how do I make an invest in a HYIP program but I did not meet it. I hope that this is the information I search it for several years. I will read it deeply.
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    A very good and informative thread for newbie like me. Though I lost some of my money, I believe it's not too late for me since I'm just starting to realize how hyip program works. From now on, I will apply your strategies with a mixture of my experiences and some other advice that I've read from this site in order for me to become successful in the hyip industry. Thank you very much! :thumbsup:
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    Rules for Investing

    I have developed 7 rules for my investing--

    1. Do my homework.
    2. Focus on opportunities that create profits using real investments, products, services, or market trading.
    3. Use “seed” capital.
    4. Withdraw my investment as soon as possible.
    5. Spread the risk.
    6. Be patient.
    7. Be ready to get out of an program quickly.

    More detail can be found xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Appreciate for sharing thip and trick about how do a netter invest in a HYIP program. Invest as soon as possible in a HYIP and making with drawable request as soon as possible. Sleep on it.
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    That was an awesome amount of knowledge to tackle hyips,its surely a hard art to master your way but a little tricks here and there may work magic
  7. Platinum1980

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    Thanks alot for the information but its quit unfortunate we've invested before the information get to us, and another thing is "not all hyip one can withdraw daily"

    thanks for the information anyway, just trying our faith.
  8. Darienprince

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    Seriously this is thoughtful and helpful, thanks for the heads up.
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    my advice on those investing on HYIP especially beginners is LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP...even the best strategy can still drain your cash and you LOSE, or worst, lead you into a SCAM.
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    Seriously?, you're posting randomly without considering some facts (no pun intended).
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    I have a strategy that will reduce the risk of HYIP to less than 2%. If you want it, let me hear you say "post it"
  12. jflexi

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    facts?? even HYIP monitoring sites cant give investors accurate facts about HYIP sites, before you know it its a scam, then what fact is there to consider??
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    Really businessinfo24? The first post you make is a teaser in a thread about advice to approaching HYIP's? :jitters:
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    Compilation of Strategies

    So I love this thread and am very appreciative of the initial list of strategies that were posted. I'm a fan of gathering as much information as possible to make the best informed decision that I can.

    It's overwhelming however to read all of the threads in here. I realize that some of these ideas on strategies are very subjective but I would love to see a new sticky created where the 'best' strategy tips were compiled and maintained. Again, I realize it's subjective and would require some organization to do it. Possibly a location for polls to be taken on how many though ideas were good or not and if it made the cut it went into the sticky.

    Bottom line is it would be nice to have a way to compile a list of the best advice from this thread in some way in a single location and in some manor keep it up to date.
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    I think there is no other better strategy than finding out new site of HYIP and then invest it soon and then withdraw it then leave it. I found if all hyip sites would turn into scam sooner or later so don't be too long to invest money in HYIP sites. It would be too long to invest money too long in HYIP sites.
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    Nice strategy. It is beneficial for investors.
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    I really enjoyed the mathematical aspect of investment strategy posted in the main post. My strategy is simple. Jump in early- withdraw daily. No compounding.
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    thanks guys...
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    Is there any e-book available in PDF format for free download to follow how to make a profitable invest in HYIP. They are risky but have immediate earning opportunity. So if there is any book on this topic please mention.
  20. my strategy of hyip investment is to diversify my investment into various programs and by doing that there will be much security in my funds such that if one closes i will still have other programs i will earn from

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