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Discussion in 'HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs' started by softwarevb, May 12, 2012.

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  1. softwarevb

    softwarevb Member

    I am not Admin,

    NetMoneys Ltd. is an Netherland - based company that is engaged in investments in real estate development and construction. NetMoneys Ltd. is active in two main areas: Residential construction projects and Income yielding real estate. Under residential construction projects, the Company initiates projects, purchases land, plans, develops and sells apartments. NetMoneys Ltd. purchases commercial real estate and land, including commercial buildings and apartment hotels for development and long term investment. The Company operates in the United States, India, Brazil and Europe.

    Investment Plans:

    Profit : 12 To 20% Daily, and 140 to 300% after 15 days.

    Min invest $10,

    Payment processors:
    - Liberty Reserve
    - Perfect Money


    another short program..., what do you think guys?
    i was in yesterday with $15 and received first instant payment today.
  2. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    good news then ...
    my first withdrawal schedule is still on the next few more hours to come ...
    let's hope that this is not only few days of paying.
  3. CosmicJames

    CosmicJames Active Member

    If what they claim they are doing is true, then it will be a good place to invest. But I doubt if it is true. For how can a company that claimed to be involed in long term project not have any long term investment plan? 15days is too short for when you relate it to what the company claim they are doing. Anyway, they are already paying so let see how it goes, but I really doubt the claim of this hyip.
  4. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    This website sounds not that bad to me. Given the plans and ROI, I guess this website could still survive for mid-term ?

    You could be right about this ! But having said that, whatever words those admins write on their main page, usually I will not take them too seriously. If their businesses is so big, so great and so good, they will be so busy already. Where got time to operate a HYIP website online ?
  5. CosmicJames

    CosmicJames Active Member

    Ask me. If they are really big with locations across the would, then why come to the hyip industry to look for more fund? A care careful observation already reveal that most of the claim by hyip Admin are not the truth. And I still doubt if what the Admin of this program is saying is the truth which in turn is discouraging indeed
  6. softwarevb

    softwarevb Member

    you are right friend, but in short hyip programs (in my opinion) it is more difficult to predict how long they will stay on track. so all we need is strategy.
    for example, for short hyip programs i will play for one cycle only. and if there is any possibilities to enter the second round, i will invest with min deposit for the second cycle on.

    notes: so far, i am still good at medium and long term hyip programs up to now...
  7. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    well ...
    just received my first payout ... instantly
    let's see on the next oncoming days
    ( i need 6 more days to reach my bep ... :D )
  8. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    That's good that theirs payments already but in goldpoll its has waiting status. I don't know when did goldpoll invest in here but as per its record its states that this site life time is 3 days and this site is monitored by goldpoll for three days now also and has waiting status.
  9. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    but as usual,
    i consider more to the ordinary investors report ...
    some of my local friends also stated that they received their payment instantly.

    as for GP, maybe he didn't withdraw anything yet ...
  10. CosmicJames

    CosmicJames Active Member

    You are right. A good strategy is what we need. If we can play it well and hard, we will be winning in most cases and avoiding losses. But some hyip still beat the strategy of 1round. So how are we going to avoid lossing to hyips esppecially the short term ones?
  11. softwarevb

    softwarevb Member

    easy :) if we are not sure to get profit from short hyip programs...don't play the game...

    i am sure i can get profit from short hyip programs..., so i am playing the game.

    beside that, every one has his/her own strategy and way how to minimize the lost and maximize the profit.

    my own strategy:
    - get rcb from monitor
    - for first investment, invest bigger money to gain enough profit and use the profit to enter the second cycle on...
    - use the same amount for each program.
    -play for one cycle only.
    -enter the second cycle with smaller investment
    -get referral comm...from down line

    and many more...
  12. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    For me if I see a website that has potential to survive in the short term and also the website has been opened like 1-3 days only, I will make only the minimum investment amount required by the website. Not to forget, find a good RCB. And after completing 1st round of investments I will move on to other websites...
  13. faceless123

    faceless123 Active Member

    @christmas and in this case where the site has launched for 3 days, it would be good idea to invest in here now using the minimum to test it out. SInce the ROI is 20 percent each day, we would only have to wait for 5 days till BEP. Im sure it could last for another 5 days and maybe get a profit. But for now we cannot tell whether we should go for a 2nd round.
  14. CosmicJames

    CosmicJames Active Member

    Great! This strategy will work to a far extend. I usually avoid short term hyip but now I'm changing my attitude towards hyip in general. What this mean is that I'm going to play short term program this time and with your strategy, I'm sure to go to far in profit.
  15. Syrine22

    Syrine22 Banned

  16. ghaffarahmad

    ghaffarahmad Member

    I have been joined this site and got payment yesterday. It is very good investing site.
  17. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    If you have received payment from the site, why have you not posted the proof in the IHBPB section ?
  18. ghaffarahmad

    ghaffarahmad Member

    Ok, thanks for this information.
  19. Mordk

    Mordk Member

    I jumped into this one, lets see how it goes :)
  20. faceless123

    faceless123 Active Member

    @mordk you jumped into this one? So are you saying you made decisions too early? and regretting? Well don't be too annoyed since the site is still paying. But you are just unsure whether you can reach BEP. It shouldn't be a problem for now as they are a short term one.
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