My list of SCAM HYIP monitors

Discussion in 'Program Scam Warnings' started by sinip, Jul 12, 2009.

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    Is this confirmed? I just used list4hyip yesterday for the HYIP RCB of my choice. I did not get paid yet but I know they report "SCAM" if it is already a scam. Can you show me the proof rivha? :confused:
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    Just to clarify things here. list4hyip is not a scam monitor. It may be some misunderstanding made by rivha since sometimes HYIPs only pay monitors which lead to monitors still put a status "Paying" even if it scammed other members already. I got my RCB paid today by list4hyip and I can give some proof if you ask me. :)
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    I am not sure......

    I am not sure that global monitor is scam or not. But please tell me why it is scam? I have to know because I like to invest in hype site.
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    list4hyip is the scam monitor just because it is advertising scam sites.
    For exapmle 500% after one hour or something else.
    I've decided for my part to disclose all new scam programs on my blogs.
    I recon if 3 years ago someone have made it for me, I've never lost much money in HYIPs...
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    all this are scammers?
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    you should make the lists of legit hyip monitors because 90% of the hyip monitors are with the various scam programs and they deceive you showing their paying status. Hyipexplorer is the most reliable monitor.
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    @mod sinip,I think is not a scam monitor,this is the monitor that I mostly used for my investments nowadays. For status,at times it get delayed but before 24 hours,he would change it to the right status. This is what I feel,you might have reasons for including it in your list.
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    Thank You for share
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    I said thank you to prevent
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    glad, i never come to that monitor for start investing. thank you, good list.
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    I have invested $700 in on July 10th 2016 because I see the status paying in said instant widthdraw. I want to widthdraw, but my fund was hold. The Admin said that I have to deposit another $1001 to get into the unlimited program. So I did, expecting getting paid.
    But when I want to withdraw again it was hold. The Admin said that I had to deposit in unlimited program (which required $1001 minimum). I did.
    I deposit it in bitcoin. The Admin deposit it $991 ! It said that because of downrate. The suggested me to deposit $1050 to avoid the down rate. Idid.
    Finally I could do the withdraw. It said the payment have been done. But when I checked my Bitcoin, it had never received.
    I ask the Admin, and they said that it was done by mix coinbase, I had to wait.
    A day after that, they said there was a problem in the mix coinbase system. They would send me instantly through bank transfer or Western Union. They asked my ID to make it done. I did.
    They said the payment was done on Western Union. They hide the MTCN Code (so I could not trace or cash it). They would give me the MTCN Code if I make another $2001 deposit ! Can you imagine what have they done to me ?
    I said I have no money left (that's the truth), I need the money to get on surgery. They said that's the rule, it's business. If I want to cancel the withdraw (redeposit $2001 from my account balance, and then withdraw normally), I have to wait 7 days. I did. But when I confirmed them that it has been 7 days and I want my money back, they never reply my email.
    I did all the deposit because I see in that is paying. You can make a conclution about my problem.
    Now I am in deep trouble because all my money is lost and I need it.
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