My list of SCAM HYIP monitors

Discussion in 'Program Scam Warnings' started by sinip, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. sinip

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    Here is small list of HYIP monitors that are showing fake "Paying" status for many SCAM HYIP sites on internet. Either those monitors are scam as well, or didn't invest any money and just rely on user voting, or don't change status when site turns scam. In any way, do not trust them, nor the status they show, nor the HYIPs that use them!

    This list has nothing to do with GoldPoll or GoldenTalk, it is my private list based on data I gathered, and my own opinion.
    I will update it when necessary.
    Please reply in this thread only if you have some monitor to add to the list. Thank you.
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  3. sinip

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    Just went there, but it doesn't look like HYIP monitor now???
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  4. diduk

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    hyip they are listing verry does not make sense, hundreds - thousands profit in hourly,daily and after 1 - 3 days, and there is paying status, I have been deceived because make deposite in some HYIP listing them all but I do not pay....
  5. umapagau

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    This site still show novalex is still paying. What a joke!

    For your info, I was once loyal to this monitor since August 2008 until I was forbidden to access on the 26/6/09 for no reason. I could not post in their site and the votes there are all outdated. Feel free to visit them.

  6. juzfinal

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  7. veejay

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    maybe they deceive me and i lose 20$ but i don't know is the monitor for real?
    they show all the paying site and have a long list of non-paying hyip.please take a look there.
  8. sinip

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    That site is not HYIP monitor at all.
  9. lemon_1800

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    You should also add in the list. I know it's a scam which just works to promote scam HYIPs by posting in different forums by getting some bucks from the HYIP admin to do the same.
  10. veejay

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    my mistake please. it is
  11. veejay

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    Hi umapagau, first of all, thank you for being a loyal visitor of hyipsensor.

    The site's status was showing as paying because we were still waiting for our payment which was 10 more days from your post's date. Our deposit was on the 20th June. We've received the payment for our principal on 20th July and we were expecting to receive another payment on the 9th August.

    As i know, has been up and down for quite some time now. I'm not quite sure what is up with that site. But as i make this post, it is currently working fine.

    You were not able to post because we were in a process of changing to a new script. As for the votes, users were not able to make votes due to the server we were using at that time. But now, we have implemented a voting system, that is 1 vote per user. And it is working fine now.

    I would appreciate it if you would not list us as scam monitor. And i hope you will be able to visit us again some day.

  15. alensot

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    Nice big list you have given here and it's always good to look at all these and then start working on sites to depend on
  16. I tend to stay away from monitors that have advertisements of "hourly" HYIPs. In my experience, these hourly HYIPs and monitors have many trojans and viruses on their websites.
  17. wasi90lk

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    the site copied goldpoll in many ways, although they are promoting some legit sites. not sure if it's a scam monitor, but it shouldn't have copied goldpoll i think.
  18. kasuwa

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    thanx great list very usefull
  19. sell online

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    thanks for the information its good to be aware in advance.
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  20. kutty1986

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    Thanks for the list......I am just new for this and i tend to stay away from monitors hyips

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