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Discussion in 'HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs' started by RecordsHYIP, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. RecordsHYIP

    RecordsHYIP New Member

    I'm not admin

    Plans: 1.2% - 1.7% - 4.2% Daily for 50 days

    Payment system: [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sign up here:
  2. moddog

    moddog Member

    I check goldcoders and the script is licensed as stated so we don't of to worry about hackers and the daily roi is well acceptable.
  3. monyitomon

    monyitomon Active Member

    Yes, there are many HYIP Monitors in the RATE US section some are listing this as paying already but there are still status is waiting. Anyway, the plan rates are also okay with me, it can be sustain so this one may be good for some rounds.
  4. babaoo

    babaoo Active Member

    I believe only one plan is avaible in here,well with plan avaliable i dont think the plan itself can be sustainable ,this one is just a total joke to me.Even the design isnt attractive i believe it must have being design by an amateur.
  5. Syrine22

    Syrine22 Banned

  6. babaoo

    babaoo Active Member

    I will have loved if the admin of program has make the program more flexible,what i mean by flexible is have more plan with less duration e.g 20 or 30 days plan,i guess that would have get me tempted to wanna join.
  7. Syrine22

    Syrine22 Banned

    Sincerely i think the investment duration to me is okay so far the ROI is reasonable and sustainable but it would be of great advantage if one joins as an earlybird.
  8. Macky110

    Macky110 Member

    Medi Invest does not look bad,it has good plans but i doubt it will sustain for long time,admin's main aim is to get listed on many hyip monitors and not the adding up security.The site has no SSL and no DDOS for sure, if it had admin would have mentioned it on homepage.
  9. kristiane

    kristiane Member

    The site have security features that may convince the investors and the roi are sustainable because it's low. I hope they will be able to run for a long time and have more investors to be paid on time. The minimum amount is also high, I hope they'll lowered it up to $1.
  10. Syrine22

    Syrine22 Banned

    What security features are you talking about??because looking deeply i didn't get to see any SSL script or protection.You are right if you are saying the ROI is okay but in times of security,the HYIP is offering an 0% range.
  11. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    Well, some websites claim to have SSL script and DDOS protection, but in the end those websites also got those DDOS attack, as claimed by their admin that is.

    The website is fine and I guess the good part is HYIP monitors that do invest in this website are listing this website as Paying status
  12. Syrine22

    Syrine22 Banned

    Yeah i totally agree with you and that's the much reason i go ahead and invest in a site even without security features so far quality monitors are monitoring their program.I just hope medi-invest can prove to us that they would be lasting.

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