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    Hello everyone.

    Today we have an official opening. We opened for you and for the sake of you!
    Our program is created to turn the world of investment autosurfing. We have tremendous plans and we will do everything possible to make them real.

    Our features:

    - We pay 12% per day for 12 days. Total payment will be 144% of the value of upgrade.
    - In 12 days your profit will be 44% of the value of upgrade.
    - Payments are made three times a month: 5, 15 and 25 date of each month.
    - You can make a request for payment at any time.
    - The minimum upgrade level is only $6 and the maximum can be $12000.
    - You can have only 3 current upgrades at a time.
    - Your account will be credited with a daily profit on your account level after surfing a minimum of 12 websites.
    - Time for surfing one website will be 24 seconds.
    - has a referral program. We pay 6% of your referrals Upgrade Level purchases.

    Encourage a young program: Become a Member RIGHT NOW! We set a high value on every new member. If you have any questions or doubts about participation in our program do not hesitate to contact with us and we will try to answer any your questions. MarketingSurfing - your right choice!

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  2. AngelaThompson

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    Hello. Well, the first stage of our program verged to a close. As you know we paid to our members their profit daily within 24 hours. In a reality any member did not wait for the payment more than 12 hours.It was good days and I hope you are pleased with our program work. For these 12 days our program has noticeably grown and became stronger. And all this happens only thanks for you, our dear members! We would like to continue working further under such scheme with pleasure, but unfortunately the reality not always coincides with our desires. I am assured that everyone understands that it’s impossible to make the program with daily payments profitable. And our main goal is to make our program profitable both for members and MarketingSurfing.So from this day we proceed to another type of payment. Now payments will be always made three times a month namely 5, 15 and 25 date of each month. We thought thoroughly about possible types of payments, tried to choose the optimum alternative favorable both for you and for MarketingSurfing. After long disputes we have decided that an optimum alternative of payments will be payments three times a month in the certain days. It will make the program very stable and will give us time for realization our main ideas.We also made some changes about the quantity of active modernizations . Now you can have 3 active modernizations. Probably this decision came as a surprise for some of you, but I and my team initially placed bets on such variant. Many of you can ask a question: why we have not started to work under these scheme?I will answer: When any new company comes into the market it should report itself. And it is not important how it will do this. In fact it does not matter will it do this good or bad, for company is more important to be noticed. We consider we achieved what we want. We understand well that some of you will be dissatisfied with such changes and will leave our program, but there will be those for whom stability and the constant profit is more important than working with dubious programs “for one day”, which goal is not serious business but easy money. We have come to this business for a long time and with a lot of ideas which we are going to realize. Stay with us, trust us and we will justify your expectations.

    Earnest request to all sites, advertising our program and also to monitorings: make respective alterations in the information about our program.

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