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Discussion in 'Manual ROI Surfers Advertisements' started by jambutty, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    In the aftermath of the StormPay/12DP debacle and the subsequent investigations by the US authorities of other autosurfers, the manual ROI Surfer is emerging.

    The only difference between the manual and auto version is that in manual you have to click a link to view the next page. Of course this does mean that the viewer has to be at the keyboard all the time but it also means that EACH ADVERT IS SEEN BY HUMAN EYES and not left to wander through whilst the surfer’s attention is elsewhere. In short you actually see the adverts and other members are guaranteed to see yours.

    You can still run several Manual ROI Surfers at the same time using a tabbed browser like Crazy Browser, Avant or Firefox and just flick from tab to tab to see what is showing and click the ‘NEXT’ link whilst having a quick glance at the web page being shown.

    The terms of Manuals are similar to and just as varied as the Autos and of course the same caution should be exercised BEFORE joining one.

    I have found that there is very little difference in time to surf 8 or 10 Manual ROI Autosurfers compared to the same number of Autosurfers and it is a bit more interesting.

    There is one other advantage that is not quite as apparent at first glance. If you spot an interesting web page and the timer is nearly down to zero on an Autosurfer, clicking the open site link doesn’t open the shown site but the next one that is due. So you have missed it. With a Manual surfer you can either study the page on the rotator or open it in a new tab.
  2. Investcore

    Investcore New Member

    Great explanation and it shows that the manual surf industry will and can be the better one in terms of real earnings generated through sales of advertisement. Will study that field deeper from now on. Thanks for the information about it.
  3. Sandyshores

    Sandyshores New Member

    Thanks for the clarification and explaining how things work from your perspective. Very insightful. Yes, manual surfs are a good way to go.
  4. kisara

    kisara Member

    yeah, manual surf is better.Many times when I used autosurf,I saw an interesting site but I couldn't open it because the timer run down and the surfbar opened a new site.
  5. daytraderfx

    daytraderfx Member

    I prefer manual surfer instead autosurfers too.

    1) My own site will be sawn from more people
    2) I see some interesting sites and I can reach them (as jambutty explained)
    3) Most of them have neat gadgets like teamsurfing or special sites with a quiz or minigames
  6. katussa

    katussa New Member

    I also prefer manual surfing
    coz its good and reliable.
    but occasionally doing automated too
  7. farhansaid

    farhansaid Banned

    is there any example of site that use this way
    i already heared that there is a technec of auto click but it is refused by many sites
    but i don't hear about this new auto surfing
    is it illegal way?
  8. fidgety

    fidgety Active Member

    thanks for the info, i remember sites that have those characteristic but its a scam now...
  9. ehsanji

    ehsanji Member

    Despite the fact that auto surfing is sort of vanishing, and the manual surfing is emerging, you still find people looking for some auto surfing ‘easy money made’ approach. I don’t know why. Unfortunately, almost all those auto surfer websites are scam now. Those who are legit, ask you to invest some money with them first, in order to get paid.
    I am sure Mr. Butty knows about a few auto surfing websites requiring no investment and 100% legit. If that is the case, then I and others would love to know that!
  10. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    The name is jambutty or Jim.

    Unless you are very good at getting referrals who make a deposit you cannot make any money in auto or manual surfers without making a deposit yourself. Some won’t even pay referral commission unless you upgrade.

    Currently I do not know of any auto or manual surfers that I would risk my money in.
  11. innocent

    innocent New Member

    Good explanation I will put more interest on it

    Pls can you state how to detect scammers,I don't want to east my time clicking and at end go home with noting
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