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Discussion in 'Autosurfers' started by Mr.Cuong, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Mr.Cuong

    Mr.Cuong New Member

    Another instant payment,
    But instant payment does not work

    Hello surfers and welcome to Our site,
    How would you like to get paid everyday instant without hassles?
    We don't think member should have to wait to get paid.
    We also do not require you to make a purchase before getting your payouts.
    If you are new to surfing please take a minute to look around.

    We offer what surfers need to make money without any problems.
    You signup, purchase a membership, surf and GET PAID instant and automatic.
    No need to wait for ADMIN's to pay or payout excuses like the other sites.
    10% for 13 days paid instant no excuses !
  2. brijesh8899

    brijesh8899 Member

    thats sad that its not paying instantly..but atleast its paying or not???and what to do on this site???
  3. earnfromnet

    earnfromnet Member

    they pay free $1.3 sign up member can earn $.10 per day but he can not withdraw.he need to earn or deposit equal to $13.
  4. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    This is good. But we might need to wait for quite a long time, in other words... about 130 days to reach $13. Anything worthwhile can be done after surfing. It would be great if they had a compounding feature available.
  5. allentera

    allentera Member

    it's to slow to waiting until 130 day ouch ...
  6. kisara

    kisara Member

    I've just joined this site recently as a free member.But sadly I haven't been able to access this site for several days .I'm afraid it has turned into a scam and gone.
  7. katussa

    katussa New Member

    oh i cudnt find the site also :(
    and its got a cheap .info domain
  8. senzzz

    senzzz Member

    Better we join Hyip site, because we need 130 days to make a payout, 130 days in Hyip already can earn 150% from our fund :)
  9. WiseInvest

    WiseInvest New Member

    I could not access the site. I hope it's alright
  10. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    Site loads ok from here, no problems with that.
  11. jgold

    jgold Active Member

    Site is loading very fast from here as well my friend!:thumbsup:
    look around my friend there are many sites that are top 5 performers where you can earn 202% in 60 days. Yes 60 days. As always try to get as much info before pushing spend button.:beer:
  12. Dnee100

    Dnee100 Member

    This is not a good autosurf program and it's not trusted. I would prefer surfvesper if you going to use a "buy in autosurf program" but if you searching for a free autosurfprogram you may try this if you want to wait 130 days for 13$. So I don't recommend this at least.
  13. kisara

    kisara Member

    The time I couldn't access this site ,it was down for maintenance but I didn't know about that.Mostly when hyip or autosurf sites are inaccessible,they become scam and gone.That's why I thought this site was a scam when I couldn't open it.The site is back now.
  14. does it really paying for memeber this program autosurf,cause it run for long time,and now i don't yet find payment proof.
  15. Forumtech

    Forumtech Active Member

    The site running ok. How much is the membership upgrade? cos i couldn't find it.
  16. hassanpk

    hassanpk Member

    the site looks ok, but you have to come and surf 12 sites daily to earn the profits, according to my experience, these sites can turn to scam any time.
  17. flowers987

    flowers987 Member

    i am unable to acess this website. this is saying"Could not connect: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (11)". i don't know what exactly the problem is with server or my system???
  18. standart

    standart Member

    130 day surfing for waiting 30 USD. interesting but too long. and how many hour we spend time to make surf?
  19. vicky221084

    vicky221084 Member

    is this site trusted ??I mean after waiting for 130 days, it might turn out to be a scam. I really wish to grab more info about this program, as there are few loopholes in the info. Please help me seniors or people who are getting paid from this site.
  20. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    Careful people!... I can see that i have been re-directed from the original link. I think this could be due to the fact that the admin would have more than one domain name and could have simply switched to a different domain name for their own safety. Besides, note that there are no links to any ratings page nor do i find any monitors there. So, beware!.

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