Learn from mistakes-Top 10 HYIP Mistakes

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by jekyll, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. shfwe94

    shfwe94 New Member

    Thanks for your useful information, it helped me alot. I am newbie at HYIP i dont know about any working strategy or investment plan. but its give a bit idea though,,

  2. rexway

    rexway Banned

    well really I don't think that the design have anything to do with this because from the look of things I can tell you that the roi which any hyip offer is what to be consider first thou I understand that the web design is very poor but guess they will stay for sometime as compare to others proggram
  3. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    I go same way @rexway. Someone that is in to take it away from you wouldn't hesitate to get ready. But then, not every scammer would be smart enough to think that way and to spend money on it.
  4. kasual

    kasual Member

    There are many hyip which use goldscipt code template and it considered as cheap script. however, some of hyip admin able to give a prove that they are able to maintain paying for long period though use simple site script design and even sometimes not completed with ssl protection.
  5. muddasar70

    muddasar70 Member

    One of the common mistake most investors do in hyip is to not withdrawing their profits quickly and they keep on saving money for one big withdrawal, some time your payments could be out of fund. So the better advice is to withdraw half of your profits and spend remaining half for further profits.
  6. kasual

    kasual Member

    you are rightfully state. better if we are withdraw the profit once we are receive it. if hyip offering daily withdrawal, we should withdraw the profit everyday. since we never know when they'll scam. safer if withdraw the profit quickly and not wait till the amount big enough.
  7. Decub

    Decub Active Member

    I think the best way to see HYIP or invest in it is to invest few days of inception and with a status of paying across monitors. I see it from the angle of a HYIP that has been paying for a long time might not make you the desired interest since there is increased tendency that it will soon turn scam.
  8. kasual

    kasual Member

    yes, investors has tendency to be hesitate when found that hyip has been run for very long period. the hyip possibly scam very soon, and if decide to invest, investors will losing money. I experience it previously but it in case of short term hyip. for hyip which offering sustainable long plan, usually able to maintain paying for even longer period though we late to make invest.
  9. sikanderhamid

    sikanderhamid Member

    well jekyll, very nice piece of information is given in your post.But I claim on your point1.You said that people spend too much.i have never see anyone except hyip monitors to invest much amount.You may be right.People may scatter their investment into different investment programs.But mistakes are occurred to teach you.We should learn from these mistakes.
  10. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    I always check alexa before I invest. If a hyip site is new and get lots of activity some how I have good chance of making profit so I invest. I also stop or cashing out my investments once I see that theirs a slow down in alexa activity.
  11. Lotraco

    Lotraco Member

    yes i prefer to invest on hyip site that is still new and has a lot of members because it was the newly members that invest that normally makes profits on hyip before it will become scam. so that is one of the mistake we do normally has.
  12. sugarboy

    sugarboy New Member

    The hyp pages greed play. It is important to remove as soon as possible investment, the benefit to risk only. Beginning before Christmas and many of the rapidly disappearing summer page.
  13. AyeshaPari89

    AyeshaPari89 New Member

    Thanks for starting this thread with helpful info
    great job "jekyll"
    keep posting
  14. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    That's great @lotraco we have to lookout first on the members and their Capital and Newly program before we invest our Money.
    @sugerboy everyone need Money during Xmas season, so as Hyips Admin
  15. kiwistech

    kiwistech New Member

    A high yeild investment program needs a very good and solid experience of person who is going to invest in the program. As investing a huge amount could be a question of risk as well. Very good article.
  16. thomson jorge

    thomson jorge New Member

    Thx for useful info!
  17. Md Syful Islam

    Md Syful Islam New Member

    Yes. Always should teach from mistakes.
  18. exfin

    exfin Member

    But not only in your mistakes...
  19. mitchfortrade

    mitchfortrade New Member

    Someone said that there are other mistakes and I agree. The two important ones that my expert advisor at ADVERTISING DELETED told me about are two of the top ones that they see traders make again and again. I would add that if people don't apply the good techniques and advice that can bring big problems. So listen to the experts and see how they made money ...no need to reinvent the wheel my friends.
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  20. beginner889

    beginner889 New Member

    mistakes taught me a lot....

    taught me how to make the things right



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