Learn from mistakes-Top 10 HYIP Mistakes

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by jekyll, Jul 11, 2005.

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    Very good and usefull information yopu have posted.but i would like to ask which hyip sites you would recommend personally which dont scam you.because many scam sites are being declared legal in scamadiviser.and i have heard many stories or mabye rumors.that most of hyip sites long for many years but ended up as a scam and fraud.once hyip sites makes their name and when people start trusting them and invest big amounts they mostly become fraud.its been a history.however i would like to give a try in some interested hyip sites.but your last point 3% daily profit is cursed.which force me to think that I was thinking from last 3 weeks to invest in oilofasia.com as they are also giving 3% plus i have seen payment proofs here by seniors members of goldentalk.but still i dont know that those proofs are true or not.I am still confuse to try which hyip site invest.in few weeks backs my friend reffer me a site which minimum investment is 100$ and its name is myrightad.com i dont know that this website is scam or real.however my friends is earning 32$ profit on 100$.they pay 6$ weekly for 28 weeks i guess for 100$ deposit.but its has become a buisness for fraud peoples to scam people's through hyip sites because through this they make black money easily in few months.I guess cyber crimes departments should take serious notice of these scammers.
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    Excellent tips! I almost made the mistake of throwing a big chunk of money into a program that is now on real problem status. I prefer programs that don't lock up your money for extended periods, but if they do they must allow daily withdrawals. I will never put more than 100 into any single program and take my profits back as soon as I can.
    The compound interest feature on these sites is very tempting, but you never know if you'll actually see your money by the time the term expires.
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    Thanks, good to read that before you enter hyip world :)
    every1 should read this before investing.
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    Lot of information. Thanks for posting.
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    I thought investing in hype site is gambling. But now I don't think so surely after reading this post. Nice post. I think by maintaining these rules anyone can invest on hype sites as trade.
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    HYIP investment mistakes

    I made a mistake when i invest first time in HYIP.I invest too much too soon and that time i was no idea about HYIP programs and thanks for your nice post.I will follow your Top 10 Best Strategy.
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    Thanks, all.
    I will decide to retire from my real work n start to invest my money, if you could gimme more information where the best site that I can put my money :)
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    If it would only be that simple, we'd all be millionaires by now. :)
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    A good article always make benefits. Nice information.
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    that was a great write up. thank you
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    good information .
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    Some good and vital points to learn about how to select scam programs specially HYIP programs. We all know that most of the HYIP programs are big scams. So before investing in them it is required to learn these tricks and tweaks to know whether you are going to get your money back or not.
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    I am developing interest in investing in HYIPs which I think the first step is always to know their status in HYIP monitors but there are stories I hear from some people in forums that some even influence monitors and I wonder how true it could be. If it is, then there might not be ways to determine because anyone that is out to scam you will still go a long way spending money on his site.
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    I am confusing here. I don't think peoples are doing some thing like this! I also don't want to say that this might not been happening. But it is frustrating. By doing so an admin has to lose nothing but others will fall in the trap. It is like a blind trap.
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    Your concerns are very valid. Scammers also make sure to pay the monitors even after they have ceased paying individual punters so as they do not lose their "paying" status.
    It would be wise to start "investing" in HYIPs listed on GoldPoll and use the "GoldPoll Cares Campaign" when the scammers try to steal your money. You can read about the "GoldPoll Cares Campaign" at http://goldentalk.com/t24064-10-1.html
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    needed information.........
    i will apply it on my work...
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    that great, thanks for share jeky and peterg . i'll take it as a premise to successful hyip.
  19. this is a very good advice for those that wants to invest into hyip programs because most people do not actually want to understand how to invest in hyip program all there directions is to make money.
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    the goal is make profit. however, hyip can make people losing money if they are has no knowledge how to manage the capital and select reliable hyip program. many hyip launched with various interesting offer. however, some of them seems unrealistic and designed just to steal investors money.

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