Learn from mistakes-Top 10 HYIP Mistakes

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by jekyll, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. jekyll

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    Just found this article which I believe will help a lot

  2. jekyll

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    and more

  3. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Lots of useful information here.

    Well done jekyll. Thanks!
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  4. peterg

    peterg Senior Investor

    So informative

    Jekyll, that's a really informative post and should be read by all - newbie or not.

    I'm going to add to it with "Warning Signs" that I have just stolen from "hell of Hyips" site - Hyip Farm.
    My thanks, acknowledgements, and apologies to him for stealing this page. If anyone would like more useful information please go visit the Farm from his sig.

    And of course, Sonic Investments at 3% also cursed to close....

    Jambutty, maybe this whole thread should be a sticky, with the title "Read me
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  5. Sofaking

    Sofaking Active Member

    Thanks very glad Jekyll and Peterg..... Very useful information... :thumbsup:
  6. pirates

    pirates New Member

    thanks a lot jekyll and peterg.....very helpful and useful.....i hav been doing some of the mistakes tht u hav given...i will be careful nxt time and always keep ur information in mind
  7. sus

    sus Active Member

    Jekyll THANKS
    I copy the post and putted it in a word dokument....i woll always look it when i feel unsecure. The december thing is really useful, the excel i have since my start in this. Almost the same simple and clear.
  8. bonaty

    bonaty Member

    that's a good article and was usefull for our newbies.thanks Jekyll
  9. syndrome

    syndrome Member

    thanks jekyll and peterg ( although you'd take it from hyipfarm ! lol) , i will use your both information add to my site and will launch soon... thanks a lot guys, good works!
  10. tremolo

    tremolo New Member

    and the biggest mistake is

    The ONE Mistake :

    NOT taking a look at the WEB SITE DESIGN. Poor design always means
    good scam. Most hyips are just $3 copycat thing.
    Take a look at Fastmarke (just an example) you will understand what good design is.

    Plus no address or no phone number/chat online: just run and don't look back.

    It's that simple.

    Jeff Muro
  11. simon

    simon Member

    very useful message. Learned some skill that I will practice future. Thank u!
  12. jambutty

    jambutty Geriatric Moderator

    Hello simon! Glad you could join us.

    Whether you are an experienced HYIP investor or new to the HYIP world a very warm welcome to you from our happy band of forum members. That doesn’t mean that we set fire to you.

    I’m jambutty (the ancient one) and over there sleeping in the corner is akuma99. Sssh! Don’t wake him he’s on night shift. jeFF is around here somewhere and if you see a shark swimming around don’t panic, it’s only the boss. He doesn’t bite! All that lot out there are the members. In the Indonesian section we have NDA corp to keep an eye on things.

    We have few forum rules, mainly don’t be rude or use foul language – no referral URL’s except in the Advertising section and personal signatures. Anywhere else the basic site URL would be useful so that the reader knows what site you are writing about. If your discussion about the site reads more like an advert than a discussion it will be moved. Please do not refer to your own signature – you can refer to signatures in general though. No multiple or duplicate posts, they will all be deleted. Try to put your posts in the proper section. If you are not sure post it anyway and someone will move it if necessary. Before posting have a look around to see if your topic already has a thread and join it. In the “I Have Been Paid By ….” and “Scam” sections please make the title of your thread the name of the site being discussed – it makes it easy for others to find.

    We look forward to you being an active member of this forum and reading what you have to say. We hope that the information and advice that you find on here will be useful to you.

    If you are new to HYIP then these threads may just help you not to make mistakes.
    HYIP Investing Strategy. Part I. http://goldentalk.com/t5214.html
    HYIP Investing Strategy. Part II. http://goldentalk.com/t5327.html

    If you have some time to spare maybe you would consider having a read of the following threads.

    You should find them useful.
  13. ksyou

    ksyou Member

    very good articles. it's very useful.

    thanks again.
  14. vladv

    vladv New Member

    This article just saved me 200 $ .I was ready to invest them in some scam hyips.Thanks admin! :) :) :)
  15. Nobizer

    Nobizer Member

    very good :)
  16. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    Jekyll Zi

    I now have to call you by the title Zekyll Zi!
    Or Jekyll Sifu!!!
    Wow man ain't this a classic ....
    what are you goung to call it?
    Or the Tentagramm of HYIP?
    This was a fab piece of info and i will rank you among the classical scholars of our day, along with Wang Tsung Yueh!....(was HE THE MAN!!!!!).....
    This place does lift my spirit................
    ai and qi....................feng xilaren! :love: :alien: :song:
  17. ernie

    ernie Member

    Thank you jekyll, jambutty, and peterg for informative and useful reads. It seems
    to me though that following all this advise does not really help us with the biggest problem - namely the Dishonesty Factor in the hyip business. I want to avoid dishonesty, not develop a plan to enable me to live with it.
    1. If most hyips are dishonest then diversification is no salvation. It only permits us to get shafted in a diversified manner.
    2. Test spends are no help because con artists are infinitely resourceful in making us feel comfortable with their scams.
    3. Small spends are no help because we have only a finite time on this planet and I want to make some serious money.
    4. Canadian chartered banks consistently post profits in the billions and they don't invest in ponzies. I'm looking for access to the sorts of things they invest in.
    5. Statistical analysis may be interesting but its more appropriate for gambling. I don't want to gamble.
    6. Finding a top player in trouble and then being beware since several smaller players may have invested in it is not much help either. How can we know what investments small players have invested in?
    7. I also develped and follow a rule list. It doesn't protect against deliberate dishonesty.

    I'm willing to lose my money because of business factors but not because a con artist out witted me. I have to work for my money.

    Therefore, thank you very much akuma99 & Co for your work on GIG. I wish I had a concrete skill to help you with but I am too new to this so all I can offer is moral support. I look forward to participating in GIG. I see you are thinking of screening the participants based on their number of posts. I hope you make exceptions. I don't post much because I am still learning and only want to post when I have somethilng worth reading.
    Regards from Ernie Canuck.
  18. Bang_Bewok

    Bang_Bewok New Member

    Nice tips guys :thumbsup:
  19. refer

    refer New Member

    thanx for your information, can you tell me more about site explain a good HYIP
  20. ramo

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    really useful , thanks

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