Keystroke logging (computer security or otherwise)

Discussion in 'Internet Security' started by saintleks, Apr 17, 2010.

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  2. Monoxide

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    we can protect our PCs against keylogger by using antivirus with internet security features like firewall protection,virtual keyboard,malware protection and identity protection.
  3. moonlitSkies

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    Easy enough to avoid as long as you don't go around downloading random stuff. It can't just latch onto your computer that easily.
  4. makubekz

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    I hope im safe from keyloggers and im using avas free anti virus and its gonna expire in less than 15 days now. How can i know i my passwords are safe? is it safe to download trojan removers?
  5. yokowasis

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    Install good antivirus and update it periodically. Never use "normal" keyboard to enter password except you are using your personal computer. That is the easiest and the basic way to prevent keylogger. If you install keylogger on a public computer you would be surprised to see your result.
  6. makubekz

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    Is it true that if we use a wireless keyboard then we are safe from keyloggers? if thats true then its worth buying it.
  7. sinip

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    Not true. Your clicks on various keys will have to reach your computer in some way, wired or wireless. So if there's some piece of software in your PC recording what you type, it doesn't matter if you use wired or wireless keyboard, except you'll spend more on batteries for wireless keyboard. :)
  8. turfa

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    the solution for keylogger is use the virtual keyboard...
    but there are screen logger, the "sibling" of keylogger...
  9. betsybee

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    The solution for keylogger is good, up-to-date computer security... Antivirus, antispyware/malware and firewall. All of them turned on and running any time your computer is "on".
  10. yokowasis

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    But it definitely will take a huge amount of RAM. It will slow down your computer. I think you only need to turn them on when you are going online and enter some secure information.
  11. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    If you decide to use Norton then yes, it will take huge amount of RAM, if you decide to go some other way - not necessarily.
  12. indieover

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    I often download software and movies online like in uploading and downloading sites like rapid share, media wire i think. and etc. I don't know if theres a big risk when we download those files. I think key logger is the worst thing that could infect our computer.worst than any computer virus.
  13. Ja427941

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    keyloggers are dangerous when you have online accounts that requires username and password such as email, etc..
    Most of the people behind this keylogging activity use your stolen details for their personal interest. Eg steal money if you have online banking
  14. simpl3_m319

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    My nieces/nephews are sometimes playing on with this pc, and I am not sure, but after I let them played, after few hours I will encounter troubles with malwares. I know my fault is that, I sometimes skipped updating my antivirus before surfing the web or even allowing the kids to play on some site.
  15. charles87

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    I just hearing about this keylogging for the first time. I am suprise, that mean whatever you type can be recorded on a PC. But I use my personal computer to surf the net I hardly browse in a public place, hope I'm safe.
  16. zapper

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    Well, no matter whether you use your personal computer or an outside computer, you only have one option which is to protect yourself from possible outside attacks or threats. To do this you need to either install software to ward off the keyloggers or just try to use windows on-screen keyboard.
  17. Witmahart

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    I think it can be encrypt in a mail and sent to a personal system just like virus. Just scan your system for vulnerabilties hole and work on it and later install surverance tool to check every intruder attempt.
  18. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    That could be a possibility. But encrypting a keylogger in a mail is not very easy, unless the mail contains an attachment. Also, it is not easy to insert a keylogger code in some file types. Most mail services these days offer protection against virus and also run scans before we download. A keylogger could slip into the computer via cookies from websites we visited previously or banner ads and pop-ups.
  19. jethamor

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    We can prevent keylogging software to infiltrate to our computer system. Prevention begins to our self.
    Rule #1, if are surfing in the net, do not just click any ads that pops on your screen. Most of the keylogging programs' way is to show itself in the form on a very attractive ads..if your son/daughter, niece/nephews, or even ourselves are surfing, always be reminded not to click UNTRUSTED sites are carriers of keylogger softwares too. BEWARE!

    Rule #2, always update your internet security softwares. It doesn't matter what kind of internet security you have as long as it is updated. Remeber the old saying, "The only thing that does not change is the word CHANGE!" Even malwares to be specific spywares or keylogging softwares upgraded or changed.
    People known as THE CRACKER, THE FISHER, etc are always finds ways on how to infiltrate to our system get informations on our computer system. That is why, there is a need of always updating our Internet Security Softwares. It is in another way of showing to the burglars that our home is having a very secured updated security system, and you burglars have no way of entering in my house. But that will not last long because they will find ways and studied on how to break your security system. That is why we need to upgrade from time-to-time. Internet Security really matters Not only ecpecially to those Very Important People, but even to the ordinary net user.. they will used your identity and used it in ther mal-activity. We must be aware of keyloggers.

    Rule #3, have an updated Antivirus and updated Operating System. When you fail to do the First and Second Rule. this last line of defense against intruders known as keyloggers really helps! That is why it is very important to have an updated antivirus and updated operating system. We need to accept to ourselves that we are not 100% sure that the site we visited is keylogger-free or not. Or the ads we click is keylogger-free or not especially if we are involved in the Paid To Click program (another way of earning money online. Clicking ads to earn.) Or other members in our family is fond of downloading videos especially from porn sites...

    The issue regarding using wired or wireless keyboard to prevent keylogger runs in our system Only in effects when your system is already infected. What i mean is you can use the the virtual keyboard on your computer system Not your wired and even Not your wireless keyboard. But using virtual keyboard technique is just 40% assurance that we can really prevent keyloggers from running onto our computer system..once our computer system is infected with it, that keylogger thing will still runs freely especially if our Firewall is down, other internet security is down, antivirus is down, and having a pirated OS.

    There is also called an autobot keylogger. Even noone is clicking on it, or triggering on it, it still run once it was already in our computer system.

    It is still safer and better if we follow those three rules I posted..
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  20. Anne Roberts

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    An keylogger (keystroke logging) will be An kind of reconnaissance product that When introduced once a system, need the proficience with record each keystroke committed on that framework. Those recording is spared over An log file, generally encrypted.

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