Keep Your Passwords Secure

Discussion in 'Internet Security' started by jambutty, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Josephedwards

    Josephedwards New Member

    Thanks for tips to secure passwords online.
  2. oscar01

    oscar01 New Member

    These programs are reliable, which can be used for password storage?
  3. emerald

    emerald New Member

    Thank you the informations, these really useful. I tryed to change my passwords in similar times but it was complicated because I had to write to other place.
  4. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    If your the type that want to have many long password, then you must need any assistance, like software that will keep then safe. And that is the best way to handle password.
  5. misseva

    misseva New Member

    Password protection, change frequently! It'll be in lowercase, uppercase letters, punctuation, numbers. Change within one month.
  6. oscar01

    oscar01 New Member

    Maybe then I can I use a program. Which is the best?
    Thank you.
  7. Yuill

    Yuill Member

    I think best way to keep our account or password safe especially with hotmail, gmail or other these kind of mailing sites are to have your mobile system connected as i personally have the set up to get mail with the code everytime i login so that make it safe for me that if someone else try or even know the password still he wont be able to login and due to i able to find out that someone is trying i can quickly take the necessary step to avoid these problems.
  8. anosocialnet

    anosocialnet Active Member

    That is a Smarter way so far, and you are the only person to get the Code to login..good.

    That is one the reason I found Password software very interesting and to easy our lives. We can not comprehend all those Uppercase, Lowercase, punctuation Marks etc.
  9. mariaandreson

    mariaandreson New Member

    Your shared useful post is really helpful to save and protect our most important passwords. I read this all discussion. Very nice post.
  10. postcd

    postcd New Member

    Im using KeePass, it is an multi OS (Win/linux/Mac) SW which is working with a database file, it encrypts/decrypts it, you can store even documents, files in its database.
  11. maruf

    maruf New Member

    You are right. Password is really a important thing. So, we should always keep our password secure.
    Thank you for your post/.
  12. Epicram

    Epicram Member

    Use alphanumeric character with the combination of numbers and special symbols.
  13. whinnysleuth

    whinnysleuth New Member

  14. Cheryl Trevis

    Cheryl Trevis Member

    I agree with storing passwords safely and we should know about password management too.
  15. Anne Roberts

    Anne Roberts Member

    Use a different password for every website you visit. ...
    Use a combination of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. ...
    Change your passwords every three months.
    If it's hard to remember all your passwords, try a password manager.

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