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Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by Fox88, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Fox88

    Fox88 New Member

    Hello EVERYONE,

    what do you think: is it possible to invest $ 1 and make $ 10
    after 1 month!?
    BUT, to have the payout really!?
    I think it is n o t possible, o r ??
    Please contact Me, if you have the solution for Me!
  2. peterg

    peterg Senior Investor


    Hello Fox88

    There are many people in this arena who are going to scream "Yes! Put your money here!"

    Please don't believe them. You will lose.

    $1 pays $10 ? No way... $10 pays $100 ? No way ..... $100 pays $1000 ?

    I've said enough.
  3. ollys123

    ollys123 Member

    hi fox88, i think if i bought that one, i would also buy elvis lives. :rolleyes:
  4. katzenhai2

    katzenhai2 New Member

    For a longer investment term, expect a return of investment about 200% to 300% per year, if you invest into lower paying programs (because the higher ones are not worth to invest).

    So if you have $100, you could make $200 or $300 in a year... think about it. Everyone who thinks otherwise is gambling and not investing and may lose all of his money earlier or later.

    You should spend your $1 to a beggar, he will have more from it than you.
  5. worryabout

    worryabout Member

    At first, it is possible in theory for sure!
    But in fact, it is more possible I will lose the $1. :song:
  6. fredrert

    fredrert New Member

    its about making 1000% profit in 30 days (33% in 1 day)
    i think its impossible .. 2%-3% is a reasonable earning !
  7. jennyd

    jennyd Banned

    they said it all, not possible! but if you are really lucky and join a program that promises to make your $1 into $10 and actualy pay you, that is just because they want you to invest a bigger amount and run with it hehe... i should know i fel for that trick once before (the few months when i first started hyips) :)

    try to go for the more realistic paying hyip's
    not the ones you know is not possible at all:)
  8. jeanas

    jeanas Member

    most High Yield Investment Programs claimed they played in forex trading.
    if you ever played in forex trading, you must be know common reasonable is around 2%.
    more than 2% is high risk category.

    about 1000% ?? ... I THINK NON SENSE !!

    after all its all risky game !
  9. Kleinkiesling

    Kleinkiesling Member

    Maybe it's possible but it's absolutely a speculation if you invest in a HYIP with such profit, but if you invest in forex by yourself maybe it can be a better idea.

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