Is emotion our enemy in Forex trading ???

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by saadat502, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. mahfuz

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    There is no place of emotions in trading. Emotions will demolish our trading execution. better in the event that we generally direct investigation before opening a position. What's more, stay teach with trading rules regardless of what occur on market and past trading result. Discipline can prevent us to create passionate choice in trading. I trade options as it is a quickest way to make money. I have chosen a regulated broker for my trading platform. It is lxmarkets, a reputable, licensed broker.
  2. radex78

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    Emotion is something that appear on minds or soul and this is as part on psychology trading, as human nature has emotion even good and bad emotion, and good emotion should control bad emotion so in decision making is not only based on emotion that often causing failure
  3. uncle gober

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    Psychology of trading is to be understood. Without a good trading psychology, a trader will not be able to get the maximum trading results. We must continue to strive to achieve success
  4. radex78

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    Yes indeed there are three point to become sucessful trader, first they need profitable system trading, second they need good money management and third they need good psychology trading and this is all related each other to making good trader
  5. ras

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    I have learned that if we wanted to succeed then we need to put our emotions out from our trading environment.
  6. radex78

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    Actually bad emotion like as greedy, fear, over confident is emotion that usually involved in trading and we need to make to control emotion so we can manage account with proper money mamagement and risk management
  7. Emotions are the noteworthy sense that turn into a fundamental variable while traders. It is the most observably dreadful adversary to the traders. Controlling feelings is the above all else criteria in trading as we are energized being. We have joy, fear and unquenchability. When we make a commonplace decent position we bend up perceptibly over euphoric and when we make calamity we turn up plainly unpleasant. Sporadically we open a trade out of avarice. With careful enduring we can transform it. You oblige practice to control assessments. I do binary options trading at ! It has canny payout structure. It has eminent customer advantage open for 24/5. It has various options varieties to glance over to trade. Believe you discover the arrangement. Here's to you.
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    Emotion is such as human nature, actually all trader having emotion on trading, but that making distinguish is level emotion, as trader that having lack to control emotion and having tendencies to become greedy hence will hard to making good trading quality, but trader that can control emotion properly hence will better than emotional trader
  9. ahmadvipro

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    To see forex trading is a business full of calculations and accuracy, I think it would be difficult to achieve maximum profits if a trader can not control his own emotions. Because one of the most important factors a trader must have is about emotional control.
  10. aditigupta

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    I believe emotions are our enemies while trading in forex. And to remove this drawback of forex trading traders often rely on usage of automated forex trading systems.
  11. radex78

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    I think to minimize emotion on trading as trader also need to always having good mindset and attitude on forex business which this is included as risky business and not always they can making good trading result all the time, loss as part on trading and better also use risk management plan
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