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Discussion in 'HYIP - High Yield Investment Programs' started by oedhapost, May 26, 2012.

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  1. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    I have searched and didn't find the same thread

    I am not the Admin

    Link >>

    remember EVBusiness ??
    this one is quite similar but i never know whether this is run by the same admin or not
    the plan is only >> 2.8% daily for 60 calendar days ( principal returned )
    hosted on a dedicated "sergey" server with antiddos + comodo ssl
    and for the ssl, i believe this one is using the expensive one as stated below
    it stated on site that they are going to pay for 7 days a week and instant withdrawals system

    well ... should we give this a try ?? :D
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  2. CosmicJames

    CosmicJames Active Member

    Looks good and stable. 60 days not to long and the ROI is very ok. If we can try this one? Of course, we can. They deserve a honest trial as they look well prepared for business. If everything is right, this one should be a great program.
  3. softwarevb

    softwarevb Member

    my deposit via perfect money not show up on my balance. i have contacted the admin but after more then 10 hours..., there is no reply yet. i am still waiting for their reply to fix my problem here.
  4. mko77

    mko77 Active Member

    They are just new, only 4 days old, and seem ready for business. BUT at this point i think our experience ought to have taught us to identify these copycats who merely want to build on some past/current business success, and have nothing genuine/unique of their own to offer. Though I lost heavily in, i agree that it was a very solid business with some resounding success for the earlybirds and smart investors. Had i not been a baby in hyip then, i'd have made my money pretty well. Now i know this can't match in any way...., though i wish they will prove wrong, at least for the sake of those who have invested their money. That is my prediction/opinion, anyway. Let's see how far it'll go.
    :( :( :(
  5. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    i have the same problem ...
    but it fixed within 8 hours after i sent the contact support.
    by receiving my rcb, i only need around 31 days to reach the first pitstop.

    let's see how this will go ... :D
  6. softwarevb

    softwarevb Member

    @oedhapost, you are lucky,

    after more then 24 hours they don't fix and reply to my email yet. just send another email... hope this time they reply my email.

    if in the next 24 hours they don't fix my problem..., i think it is better for me to forget it.
  7. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    hmmm ... weird, tend to be a problem then ... :confused:
    first, i tried the live support but since its never caught online
    then i used usual support ticket from here
    i did that at 18:xx ( our time ) and got the reply at around 2.xx ( during my sleep ... LOL )
    and the reply was came from this address >>
  8. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

    This website seems fine to me but since @oedhapost mentioned about EVBusiness...Maybe shall wait and see how...Besides currently I am just looking for short term plans, so I guess I will not be investing in this website at all...
  9. softwarevb

    softwarevb Member

    just got reply from to inform me that the deposit have been added to my balance. and when i checked, yes it is true...,

    Active Deposit: $20.00

    so, my problem fix here.

    notes: i asked my upline (monitor admin) to contact them. and i think this time it is work.
  10. CosmicJames

    CosmicJames Active Member

    Good as they finall fix the problem for you. But what is causing the deposit missing problem here? Did they offer any explanation as to what is the cause and whether they are fixing it in general?
  11. babaoo

    babaoo Active Member

    this program is really getting support from members and investors,i really like the roi they are offering and more over the program is well secured,i think they have the potential to last over 60 days if the admin of the program want to be sincere with investors.good thing here is that they av got all necessary features to last long.
  12. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    are you sure about that ??
    as i know, this hyip got not really good support from people
    since many people think that this is another EV ...

    well ...i received my first payout instantly from here
    and let's see on the next days ... :D
  13. bulastika

    bulastika Active Member

    Its just a new site just five days old so its really inconclusive if investors support this site or not. But as far as I know as long a hyip site is paying its good. But how long its going to pay then its going to depends on our guts feel. Because its only the admin of this site who can decide if he want this site to last a week, a month or a year.
  14. christmas_

    christmas_ Active Member

  15. mohamedzamorano

    mohamedzamorano New Member

    its good company
    domain created: 7/5/2012
    expires: 7/5/2017
  16. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    i personally tend to skip in searching this "registered" issue.
    since i personally believe this game is no way to be officially/legally registered ... CMIIW

    **still received instant payment for today ... still far away for my bep ... LOL
  17. Syrine22

    Syrine22 Banned

    I Dont usually follow all this site expiration date because majority of them end up folding up before then so i would rather i advice people to invest then opt out soonest inhere after a round or two.
  18. mko77

    mko77 Active Member

    True talk, Remember the big players often like to show that their domain, ssl and other features are sealed for 5 years, 10 years etc to create some trust to their program but then they pack up much sooner than you expect. While this is a useful information, it gives us no guarantee whatsoever. Just break even as soon as possible and hope to get some profit if the admin will show enough mercy.

    :) :) :)
  19. oedhapost

    oedhapost Super Moderator

    no problem so far here ...
    as the daily payment is always received instantly to my PM account.

    still so far away from my bep ( 20 more days ) ... hmmm ... :D
  20. rsa10

    rsa10 Active Member

    As I was reading comments in here it seems the major problems were solved already and looks pretty interesting that they have good security for the site. I am thinking as well if I would jump into this one or wait further.
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