Invest but a diversified investment please

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by demeanor, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. demeanor

    demeanor Banned

    hi there !! buddies

    Invest but please make sure that you always diversify your investment in multiple sectors so that you can be on safe side in atleast one sector
  2. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    True. You have to also know where to invest beforehand and learn how not to fall into some wrong HYIP traps. So, learn how to pick the good ones and learn which ones are the best and try to determine the life of the HYIP using their past performances... Also, it is pointless to invest equal amounts in all the HYIPs in the HYIP market in the name of diversification, as it is true that more than 95% of the HYIPs on the internet are scams.
  3. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace Active Member

    That is what we are trying to do mainly..Investing in the more secure HYIPS and then taking out the roi from those in order to grow and diversify our investments..I usually concentrate on one or two new funds a week.
  4. DoublePaid

    DoublePaid Active Member

    we have discuss about this matter a lot of time, and ofc we do this my friend :) don't worry :)
    i have read many diversify topics and found a good point in difersify, like what zapper had mentioned,

    "it is pointless to invest equal amounts in all the HYIPs in the HYIP market in the name of diversification"

    i'm fully agree with this statement. and we once call this difersification strategy as a "Smart Diversification" (i know there's a thread about this in community discussion, but i just can't find it)

    we must list our selected HYIP from the best to the worst candidate, then invest the biggest portion to the best one (no more than 20%) and the portion keep lowered and lowered till the bottom list. that's how it goes. and trust me, this will helped you to minimize your loss a lot.
  5. demeanor

    demeanor Banned

    thanks zapper for the valuable information.. yes u are true
  6. luke1

    luke1 Banned

    That is a must.. I can say, 99% of HYIP is scam.. You can make profit, but won't be forever on HYIP..
  7. Acisclo

    Acisclo New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, i decide to invest in a new market, firsable i had to be sure of the market stability and them take risk..
  8. djai

    djai Active Member

    it is correct to say that don't invest in HYIP's equally in name of diversification,
    i usually divide the investment into high and low risk
    keep 70 % funds in low risk and 20% in high risk and dividing further in those divisions. and keep 10 % cash for investing in new funds when they come up.
  9. demeanor

    demeanor Banned

    hey...thats a very nice strategy to invest... I really liked the concept..
  10. standart

    standart Member

    Yes I agree, principle "don't put your money in one basket" applicable in HYIP world
  11. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    That is 100% true and I apsolutelly agree with you.
    BUT there are already few threads with same content,so it is best to close this thread,it will become thread for post chasing. :D
  12. amna

    amna New Member

    Yeah! correct. These day when there is so much of technology used and people are so aware of their trades and also markets are so sensitive, it is important to balance our portfolios and trade wisely. Diversification is the best way to minimize risk and play safely. therefore i would also go with your advice and would say.....

    All the Best.
  13. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    This is a brilliant strategy. You are doing good. But also remember that you need to spend more time monitoring your investments as you diversify your investments. Unfortunately, out of the 24 hours in the day, you may have to find some extra time in order to manage a massive portfolio. But limited number of investments with no intent of trying luck out can be good at times.
  14. djai

    djai Active Member

    thank you for the kind comments :)
    time is required to maintain and monitor the portfolio each day. and i have found out that it is much easier and less time consuming if you have all the data in one place for all your investments. so each day i am required to spend roughly 20 mins a day view and make a decision on the portfolio and some times even less.
    with the help of excel it is very easy.
    totally agreed limited number of investments can be good at times and for some people most of the time :thumbsup:
  15. aditigupta

    aditigupta Member

    Yes it is true a diversified portfolio helps to manage to risk and returns in a better manner. As at the time of market crisis or when some sectors are not performing well then sectors which are performing well will compensate the loss caused by under performing stocks in your portfolio.
  16. Yes, diversification of investment portfolio is better it helps a trader to make a safe investment. Invest in the different segment so that if one stock is not performing well then other similar stock can compensate the loss amount. diversification of investment portfolio is best strategy used by the trader.

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